A typical home warranty plan will cover costs, coverage, service fee, and exclusions. These factors should be carefully considered when purchasing a home warranty plan—the more comprehensive the coverage, the better. There are many different home warranty plans, and choosing the best one for your needs can be challenging. However, this article will give you the in order you need to decide on which home warranty to purchase.


The cost of a typical home warranty plan is dependent on many factors. A standard home warranty plan will cost about $900 per year, including service fees, but some plans have lower and higher service fees. This cost will depend on the specific home warranty plan you choose and your luck with the coverage. For example, if you have a water heater that breaks down, you will likely be responsible for paying the rest of the repair bill.

The cost of home warranty plans will depend on several factors, including the square footage and age of the home. Older homes will have higher claim limits, and some plans will cover larger homes. Different plans will also cover items such as a pool, utility lines, and septic systems. Some companies offer plans for both. Regardless of the plan type, there are certain things to consider when comparing prices.


A typical home warranty plan will cover some systems and appliances in your home. The coverage in purchasing a home warranty for your Maryland home may help you cover the costs of repairs when these items fail. Most home warranty companies offer different service levels, so you can choose the best one that suits your needs. Some companies even break plans into smaller, more specific sections, but the basic plan structure is the same for all. The plan also offers add-ons for various services, including electrical and water heater repair.

Manufacturer warranties cover many house systems, and a home warranty can help protect your budget. However, while many house systems have a warranty, most plans don’t cover freestanding appliances and structural features. A home warranty policy is intended to cover functional and in good condition items upon occupancy and pay for repairs if they’re no longer working due to normal wear and tear. Nonetheless, some plans cover major components and appliances.

Service Fee

Many home warranty plans charge a service call fee with each call. This charge covers the cost of sending a technician to your home and fixing any problem. For example, if your air conditioning system breaks down and costs $500 to repair, a typical home warranty plan will cover $400 of the bill. However, some providers charge a higher service call fee. Ultimately, it is your choice how much coverage you need.

A home warranty plan premium is typically around $900 for the first year. However, the price will increase if you add other coverage. For example, some home warranty companies also charge a service call fee, which can cost anywhere from $75 to $125. In addition, some plans will include add-on coverage, such as coverage for electronics. A typical home warranty plan costs around $900 a year, and some sellers even cover the first year’s premium. However, after the first year, you will have to pay monthly and may incur service fees of up to $125.


When comparing the available home warranties, it is vital to know their specifics. For example, some home warranties only cover certain repairs, while others cover all repairs for a set amount of money. In addition, home warranty companies may have different exclusions for various systems and appliances. Knowing these limitations is essential for deciding whether you want to upgrade your contract. The information below will help you choose the best home warranty plan for your needs.

Home warranty plans may not cover specific parts or appliances. Some parts are excluded from basic plans, such as plumbing systems. Even some major electrical systems and plumbing systems may be excluded. Also, separate structures are not usually covered. A typical home warranty plan does not cover parts of different structures, so you should check its details before signing up.