Top 6 Reasons a Phone System Can Help Your Small Business


If you run your own small business, you may be looking for ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses and improve communications while remaining efficient and profitable. If you’ve already trimmed the fat in other parts of your budget but you still need to be able to communicate with your workers effectively, especially if you’re working remotely, you may have wondered whether getting new business phone systems would help. A new phone system may seem like an extra expense, but the time and energy it could potentially save you in the long run might end up costing less money than sticking with your current, outdated system. If you’re on the fence about whether a business phone system is the right choice to support your growing business, here are a few of the reasons it could be beneficial for your company.

1. You May Be Able To Save Money

Upgrading your phone system may seem like an up-front expense, but the initial money could be well worth it down the line. In fact, dealing with an old phone system. And the constant repairs it may require is not only frustrating but can quickly become expensive. Additionally, many traditional phone systems and even smartphones require specialized support and maintenance. Which means further expenses to squeeze into the company budget. When you need a less bulky, burdensome system, upgrading to a cloud-based phone system, for example, could provide you with better results while requiring fewer maintenance costs. You could get up-to-date technology without breaking the bank!

2. You Can Streamline Necessary Communications

Another advantage to updating your phone system is that you could potentially streamline all of your communications needs, whether that’s within the office, with remote workers or even with clients and customer service. Modern phone systems often come with features like conference calls, forwarding, call logs. And other collaborative tools that could prove useful for keeping all your employees in touch and up-to-date. Rather than having to juggle several different machines and systems, you can send out all the necessary information from one single platform, simplifying your to-do list and potentially saving you a headache on a daily basis.

3. You Can Answer Calls Anytime

With an older phone system, your phone is linked to your physical office location. This means that any calls made outside of standard business hours will have to be directed to an answering machine, possibly causing frustration for clients, partners, investors or employees who need to reach you after you’ve already gone home for the day. Many newer phone systems, on the other hand, easily handle this problem. Now you can pick up the phone from anywhere at any time, so you won’t have to miss calls just because you’ve stepped out of the office. This can improve the quality of your customer service, for example, and could help boost your professional reputation. You won’t have to worry about missing out on important information or appearing unavailable.

4. You Could Integrate Conferences

Depending on which type of phone system you get, you may be able to add on additional features like video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing and automated data backup. This means that instead of cobbling together conference calls through several different sources. You can simplify things and run meetings via a single platform. When the meeting is over, the system can easily help you save the data for future reference. Some systems even come with automated transcription, so you have notes available for you from every meeting even if your secretary was out for the day.

5. You Can Appear Professionally Put Together

If you still have a receptionist constantly picking up the phone and asking people to hold. So they can take the next call only to tell the next caller the same thing, you may be risking coming off as unprofessional or disorganized to clients. A cloud business phone system, on the other hand, can help you appear put together on even the most hectic of workdays. For instance, it could automatically play hold music, transfer calls. And more, making it look like you’ve got everything together all the time. This can improve your image and ultimately even help your bottom line as customers flock to businesses like yours that offer superior service.

6. It Can Improve Privacy

Finally, if you don’t already have some sort of dedicated business phone and are running all of your professional calls through a personal number, you should know that you may be at risk of having your data stolen. When you give out your personal cell phone number to clients, for example, you risk that number getting leaked. And people you don’t want accessing your data are now able to easily get to you. An entirely separate cloud business phone system is a good idea for keeping your contact information private. While still allowing you to get in touch with clients, employees and business partners as needed.

Handling a growing business can be a complicated matter, between jugging budgetary constraints. And the need to have efficient, effective office communications, especially when your workers are currently remote. One surprising way you may be able to save both time and money is upgrading to a new business. Phone system that allows you to streamline communications. And stay on the cutting edge of new technological developments. If you’re not sure as to whether a new phone system would be beneficial to your small business. Keep these essential facts in mind and you’re sure to make the right choice for your company’s future.