Definition of Opportunity

The term opportunity can be explained as below

  • The moment that turns out to be conducive to do something,To carry out business,To make a love relationship.
  • To carry out the memorable journey that  long so far and postponed.
  • An action that carries out during that auspicious moment will have a successful end. For the time being, the conditions will be in place for it.It is assuming that victory will be possible is known as opportunity

Factors Involved in the Opportunity

As much, it  can occur or constitute by factors that can be intrinsic or extrinsic to the subject.


The intrinsic are those who depend strictly on the person.

For example, this is the opportunity I have to travel to Europe ,Because I have received the right amount of compensation. I will be able to meet the expenses of the trip smoothly.


The extrinsic ones are those that does not have to do with the subject but rather with a third party or with a particular conjuncture.

For example, property prices have dropped considerably compared to the previous year, so What is my opportunity to buy the house that I long in the future? An opportunity itself is an  advantage, take when it comes.

People Say’s

There are famous people says that when you get a chance, you must take advantage of it because it is unknown that it will repeat later and more.

when the opportunity is undoubtedly tempting and will allow us to achieve positive change in our personal or work lives.

It is usual for those who let it pass, eventually, regret it, that is why it is important to take it every time.It is vacant to us.

Job Opportunity

Offering a job that proposes particular employment and hiring conditions.

And there are also some concepts that are link to this term and that turn out to be of very recurrent and current use by people.Such as the job opportunity, an idea that we frequently hear and that refers to that offer of a job that proposes certain conditions of recruitment and work.

Web Opportunity

Currently, as a consequence of the enormous presence that the internet has achieved in everyone’s life.

Job opportunities have moved from the classifieds in newspapers to the web. Many pages are dedicate exclusively to bringing together job opportunities.

It is even possible to subscribe to them, and then every so often.

we will receive the list of the most recent job opportunities that fit our search for our email. Undoubtedly this proposal is the most used today when looking for a job.

New Opportunity

And another concept that is also widely use in asking for a new opportunity.

Generally used when someone wants to ask another to allow them to try something again or do something that had gone wrong.For example, “after a poor performance in The exam, Laura, asked the math teacher for another opportunity to retake the exam.”


The concepts are generally apply in this sense of the example when something went wrong, and you want to reverse that situation.

  • Sale of consumer items at a meager price
  • On the other hand, the term opportunity is usually known as the Sale of consumer items at a meager price. “

Today it has become a common practice to acquire clothing, footwear, accessories, and even goods of any kind.

In businesses, warehouses, which are precisely characterize by exclusively offering opportunity items, which are at a much lower price compare to another store.


They are known as outlets in most parts of the world. And the merchandise they offer as an opportunity usually corresponds to the previous seasons or has some damage.