It can’t said enough just how important productivity is in terms of your company’s bottom line. Literally, every department within your organization needs to operate efficiently to ensure productivity is at its highest level and that includes the repacking and packaging process. If you are looking to improve packaging productivity. There are some areas you may want to investigate that isn’t running as efficiently as they should.

Pre-label Packaging

One of the things which you may want to discuss with your packaging distributor is the availability of pre-labeling packaging before you start a run. Companies like Diagraph that manufacture case coding equipment can also help in terms of running coding labels to be placed on cartons, boxes, and other packaging media. It is often far easier to label a flat piece of material than it is to pick up individual boxes or packages to apply labels.

Reduce or Eliminate Downtime on Lines

By regularly inspecting and repairing your packaging machines and lines, you can almost always eliminate downtime. If not, you can at least reduce the amount of time your machines are down. Since totally eliminating downtime may be impossible. Why not train your linemen to do other tasks while your service crew is getting the line back up and running? The machine may be experiencing downtime but at least your workers will stay productive.

Run Flexible Packaging Machines

Sometimes you may have two relatively small to medium-sized orders that would take changing a packaging line over creating downtime. Flexible packaging lines enable you to run a couple of size boxes at the same time. Flexible packaging machines can also work with larger orders, but most often they increase efficiency on those smaller orders.

Reduce Waste

Waste comes in many forms. Not only can workers waste packaging materials but time can wasted as well. A good example of wasted time would be having workers stand idly when machines are experiencing downtime. By eliminating waste in all its forms, you will not only be saving money. But you will also be working toward environmental sustainability. As an added bonus, this one improvement to your packaging productivity can be used in your marketing campaigns. Today’s businesses and consumers are drawn to companies that are environmentally conscientious so you will also achieve a higher level of brand awareness.

Carton Coding for Warehouse Efficiency

Sometimes we think that packaging efficiency ends with the packaging of individual product packages. Unfortunately, that is a grave error when seeking to improve packaging productivity. When there are multiple products get pack in same box. It is imperative that each of those cartons coded and labeled accurately as well. By organizing your warehouse in such a way that products are in specific locations, shipping will easily collect and load them as a direct result of packaging productivity.

In the end, the entire process from packing to shipping is what constitutes packaging efficiency. Which, in turn, will significantly improve your bottom line. The more you can streamline processes, eliminate waste, and keep things moving without interruption, the greater your productivity will be

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