What Is MozRank?

MozRank refers to a link popularity score that oscillates on a scale between 0 and 10. An indicator from Moz, an SEO consultancy created in 2004, has spread to become one of the market standards.MozRank embodies the importance of links on your website. So it is determined, mainly, by the number and quality of other pages that link to you.

This range is resolute using Moz’s algorithm, which measures the quality and quantity of links that point to a particular landingTherefore, each page of a website receives a different MozRank ranking.

PageRank still plays an important role. However, some brands unhappy with Google’s way of ranking looked for more accurate alternatives. And this is where MozRank came into play.

Difference Between MozRank And Page Rank

Therefore, MozRank is a tool created by SEOMoz, and that has its value. It has coped with bringing collected a community of SEO experts capable of promoting means of this type. Its process is straightforward: The more inbound links your website has, the higher the MozRank of your page.

The chief difference between PageRank and MozRank is the way you can improve the ranking of your site. PageRank, meanwhile, relies more on backlinks from other PR-heavy websites. However, MozRank’s popularity is based on a website’s ability to collect links from many popular pages.

Another fundamental difference is that MozRank improves your ranking system faster than PageRank. In fact, with a slight effort, you can go from a 2 or 3 to a 4 or 5. But, some scores above five requires more exertion and effort.

Since that PageRank is Google’s system, the Internet giant does not classify the pages based on MozRank. So why did this needle turn so important? Does it make intelligence to develop a website with a high MozRank as a goal? These are the advantages that brands that are beginning to take into account MozRank can incorporate:

1. Works As An Indicator Of The Authority Of The Links

If Google does not take this classification into account, what reasons are there to reel off what MozRank is and take into account its values? First, it acts as a democratic indicator to determine the importance of a page. MozRank would result from elections where the voters were the web pages, and the candidates included their external links.

Therefore, there would be no winner. But new high-authority pages would emerge that could provide high-authority links to other websites as well.

Why should website managers pay kindness to MozRank?

The answer is humble. While search engines do not usage MozRank to rank results, they primarily rely on the authority of their links. And precisely, the source of the links is one of the indicators that MozRank represents.

Consequently, if you get high MozRanks for your websites or landing pages, you are likely to achieve good rankings in the results of the major search engines.

2.- It is ideal to find your competition

MozRank can also be used to compare competitor websites and thus extract ideas for planning your SEO strategies. Also, taking into account that it is updated regularly, you will get a clearer vision about the position in which a website is located or with what keywords it is trying to position itself.

Therefore, to begin with, it will help you determine which pages and keywords are the most powerful and used at the moment. Indeed you have faced situations where some pages with great power completely dominate some keywords. This is due to the assembly of high-quality links they get.

As a consequence, it is difficult for your brand to gain a foothold. Still, by knowing what MozRank is and learning how to interpret the results, you will find the most feasible ” battlefields ” worth the extra effort.

3.- And also to know who links to your competition

Although the quality of the links is at stake, perhaps one of the aspects that interests you the most is knowing what connects your match is getting. Especially if there are high authority links between them.

What is MozRank in this regard? It is the perfect tool to identify those better than you in the main search engines.  But for this, you will have to research your keywords in the main search engines.

Having this information explicit, you can try to imitate or reflect the type of profile of your competitors with higher ranks. The tool itself developed a plugin called MozBar to detect any website’s DA and the PA  (Domain Authority and Page Authority, respectively).

In this way, you’ll be able to know the popularity of your competition’s websites. And you will detect which ones are a threat to your positioning in the main search engines.

4.- It is the Perfect SEO Advisor

As you can see, Google owns PageRank, but companies have started looking for alternative and optimized search engine data to guide them in their SEO strategies.

MozRank enjoys a good reputation in the SEO community for its accuracy. It could be compared to PageRank because it could fulfill the same function if it were updated regularly. In this sense, knowing what MozRank seems to be one of the most viable alternatives that website owners turn to.

MozRank may not seem so important to you, but it is the perfect guide for your SEO strategies. You cannot spoof PageRank. But it is a critical factor to consider when optimizing websites for specific keywords.

Optimize Your MozRank

Here are quite a few things you can do to start improving your MozRank right now. The first is to install the MOZBAR plugin.

With it, you will access your Google PageRank, the Alexa popularity ranking, SEOmoz Linkscape, MozRank, and many more functions.

With this bar, you can quickly see how your website is doing with just one click. It is a free tool that will provide you with tons of essential information and data.

Something fundamental for you to adapt your SEO strategy and improve your search engine positioning.

In addition, those who are clear about what MozRank is and want to optimize it understand that one of the vital steps is to learn to publish links correctly.

Advantages of Installing the MozBar

All brands that know what MozRank is and install this bar get two clear advantages:

Using the mozbar bar in their browser lets them know the website’s popularity as soon as this loads in the browser.

The owners of the pages and blogs can know the effective web positioning in any search engine. The first step is to generate SEO strategies with measures to improve these results.

Social Networks also Influence

The use of social networks can also be a determining factor in increasing your MozRank quickly and effectively.

First, you must configure and optimize your profiles on the most popular social media. And, of course, create sure to add your URL in the description whenever you can. The high visibility of these digital spaces is a value to consider when giving yourself a boost on the Internet.

Use your presence in networks to share related content with your sector. Comprise opinions and comments. Make sure the tone you use is familiar and engaging as well. This way, you will get your followers to share your content so that more people can see it. Which, as a consequence, will increase your MozRank.

As you can see, several factors determine the ranking of your pages. But if you know the techniques to achieve natural link building without Google penalizing you, you can easily find websites that deal with the same topics. This will create it easier for you to develop your strategy. And, of course, see your competitors and improve your ranking.

Now that you know what MozRank is, you will understand that the  Corbis content marketing platform is perfect for helping you. Appreciations to this tool, you will generate quality content and disseminate it in more than 9,000 media. And this will help you gain notoriety in search engines. This without having the possibility of knowing what each of the digital media does with which you can establish agreements of various types.