Here’s What Your Website Really Says About Your Business


In order to pave a way for optimizing any business brand through a crowded cartel of digital websites, it is significant to design and display an informative and efficient website. According to an extensive research conducted by “bbq surveyors ” it has been stated that 94% of online clientele make the decision to continue scrolling through a website based on it’s attractive design outlay.

An attractive website captures the attention of a consumer. Research conducted by Farah Alsudani and Matthew Casey stated that 94% of first impressions on websites are purely design related. Creative and ingenious web designing has become the new highlight of meaningful marketing as it captures attention through aesthetics, visionary illustrations, and user friendly content.

 Level of Experience

Experienced designers very often demonstrate their professional designing skills with an updated graphic portfolio. Web designers tend to design websites of multitude genres for respective brands to get a keen idea of their level of expertise.

Secondary to this is the crowd that they successfully attract with their intriguely designed websites. Execution is the last step towards achieving a plan. A well-designed website carries out the execution of a marketing plan by attracting and diverting ample amounts of consumer traffic to their website. The level of experience is exhibited with an amalgamation of both these primary and secondary factors of prior experience and successful consumer traffic generation.

Web designing requires a hefty amount of experience as it is an entire face front and operating forum of a brand. It is a collaborative effort between a brand and web designers to churn out the mantra of brand highlighting its essence and the solution it’s keen to provide with all relevant information delivery. This is why it’s so important to work with a web design company that has a solid portfolio, particularly if you don’t have design experience yourself (or on your team).

 How Easy are you to Communicate with?

A brand’s communication channel says a lot about how they interact with customers and how readily available they are. The progression of the telecommunication industry, responding well to technology advancements, has proposed a broad spectrum of communication mediums. Emails, pop-up live chats, contact pages, instant and direct messages are few of many communication intermediaries that can be used for easy and efficient communication.

Who is your Brand?

Every brand has its own unique symphony, portraying a distinctive hymn built on its vision, mission, goals, objectives, and most importantly a visualized illustrative portrayal. Designing not only induces a brand’s identity but it significantly positions a brand’s image in a consumer’s mind.

Under the umbrella of branding, designers express a brand’s individual yet distinctive ingenuity. Sourcing from inspiration, designing helps a brand to create a perceptive logo with different style, fonts, shapes, and colors sprightling its true essence. Alongside a visual portrayal, designing also adds character to a brand image with the tonality of an eccentric tagline.

How Authentic are you?

Laying a strong brand foundation requires authentic and credible content marketing. The digital consortium has elicited brands around the world urging them to optimize their brand presence on online platforms.

Various applications offer unreliable shortcuts to designers leading to flawed content creation. Web designing has to be rendered with attention to detail instead of opting for conventional and cliched ideas. Designing a brand identity in a consumer’s mind is similar to sowing deep rooted brand ideology. Any degree of plagiarism, content fabrication, sub standard stock graphics, poor quality color contrasts, cluttered sequence and overall sub par designing inscription indicates lack of designing skills and minimal past experience.

Designing is to Create, Influence and Deliver:

Web designing is changing conventional marketing strategies with its phenomenal tools. I  has become a mandatory option for new entrants and pre-existing brands to get a hold of an expert web designer for sparking their brand presence on active social media platforms. Web designing enables a brand to create its own unique identity, influence their segmented target market and then deliver them the brand’s message with cost-effective and efficient approach.