Congratulations, your website up and running! Maybe you have a business with products that are ready for purchase. Perhaps you have an online publication that’s detailing elaborate stories. Or maybe you have a platform to show off your impressive portfolio of work.

Regardless of the reason, you have a brand new website ready to be shown to the world. It’s all ready for exposure; now, it just needs to be easy to find. Through organic search tactics, your website will be visited by many loyal and potential customers.


A main factor in the success of your website will be how you utilize SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is a framework that includes a package of rules, numbers, and controls that help place websites in higher rankings in search engines. These higher rankings result in an organic attraction of visitors. When effectively applied, SEO is a great framework that makes websites easier to find and navigate.


Keyword research is a major component of SEO. Consider a good keyword to be a robot who acts as a guide; they’ll appear to lead your audience to your website naturally. Through keyword research, you’ll use innovative approaches to gain insight that will help you determine your content strategy. Finding the right keywords will bring awareness and traction to your website. It’s an incredibly important marketing tool; the greater you utilize your keyword search, the more traction you’ll have to your website.

Here’s how to find keywords for your website:

  1. LinkLaboratory

Improving your search visibility is one of the top ways to attract visitors to your website. There are several tools that will help package specific keywords that direct your website to respective audiences.

LinkLaboratory is a platform that helps online businesses grow their search rankings by including editorial backlinks. LinkLab has an impressive list of innovative approaches that they use for link building campaigns: baseline assessment, keyword targeting, publisher targeting, content tailoring, outreach execution, and reporting and performance measurement. LinkLab places specific keywords and placement links seamlessly into gaps in blog posts and articles. This published content helps increase the business value of your website; it also increases the amount of visitors who are directed to your website!

Visit LinkLab to learn more about how this boutique search agency can upgrade your website’s visibility.

  1. Learn Your Audience

Honestly, when has research ever not been a good idea?

Before you get to working with LinkLab, you’ll need to have a good understanding of your target audience. (This is pretty much the standard for any marketing tactic.) Conducting research to learn more about your consumers is essential in figuring out what keywords to use for your website and SEO tactics.

Let’s say that your company sells chips, and you’re trying to understand your customers a bit more. Here are a few of questions to start with:

  1. What type of chips are people searching for? (potato chips, cheese puffs, tortilla chips, sea-salt, etc.)
  2. Why are people searching for chips? (cravings, special occasion coming out, convenience, etc.)
  3. When do people search for chips? (mornings, afternoons, evenings, etc.)
  4. How are people describing chips when they’re searching for them? (crunchy, salty, healthy, etc.)

These may seem like some pretty simple questions, but this will provide you with a better understanding of how users are seeking out your business. Although it’s helpful to have deadlines to manage the timelines of the growth of your business, try not to rush this stage of researching. The better you distinguish your audience, the better you’re able to communicate with them. Once you’re well-versed in using their language, they’ll be able to find your website through an easy navigation of SEO.