5 SEO Tricks That Will Let a Small Company Compete With a Huge Corporation


Size isn’t everything as far as the internet is concerned as the digital space gives a much smaller business the sort of opportunities to compete that wasn’t there when everyone went to the shopping mall instead.

5 SEO Tricks

Ask a Chicago digital agency, for instance, and they will no doubt tell you that even a relatively modest marketing budget can get you a lot of online exposure if you spend your money wisely and utilize a few net SEO tricks to help you compete against the big boys.

Here are Five Worthwhile SEO Pointers to Consider.

Take advantage of your size

Huge corporations might have big marketing budgets, but one of the things they often lack is the same level of agility and freedom of movement that you enjoy as a small business.

If they decide to launch a new campaign or switch emphasis, it can take them a long time to put those wheels in motion to make the necessary changes.

If you decide to try a new angle or test the waters with a different SEO tactic, it is something you can put into effect almost immediately.

Stand out from the crowd

The most effective way to get noticed when you are a small business competing for space in a crowded marketplace is to find a niche.

Finding a niche is an excellent way of increasing keyword visibility without having to spend fortunes.

Play the long game

Another useful tactic to consider is the deployment of a long-tail keyword strategy.

This idea works in harmony with the niche focus suggestion, and one of the fundamental reasons why it could work for your small business is it allows you to improve your ranking by accepting a slight loss of traffic with the most popular keywords but making up for it with the use of longer phrases.

The nethermost line is that you should find it easier to rank highly for long-tail keywords, and the emphasis on quality over quantity is unlikely to harm your business prospects.

Focus on social media

Customers tend to love engaging with brands and businesses online via social media platforms, and you can work on your personality in this sphere.

A more personalized approach can often give you an edge over much larger competitors who don’t have the structure to make social media engagement so personal.

A great way to build brand awareness

When you think how much money global brands spend on reinforcing brand recognition, you could be forgiven for thinking that you have no chance of getting recognized.

However, you can build a decent level of brand awareness, in relation to the size of your business, by striving to become a credible and trusted content publisher.

Building your brand via a content strategy could allow you to get the sort of brand recognition that could cost a lot more to achieve using other SEO methods.

Use these SEO tricks, and it could help your business punch above its weight.


A successfully executed SEO strategy or SEO tricks can help benefit a business digitally. From improving branding to increasing sales and revenues, a great SEO strategy can help uplift a brand’s digital performance. The best seo agency Singapore suggests that whenever businesses look to bring an SEO agency on board, they should ask the agency for credentials, proof of work and other references. It is important to fix KPIs early on and monitor the same every month. This will be able to prove whether the strategies are being successful or not.