A niche is a concavity that is used to place something. It can be an opening in a wall to deposit a vase, a statue or other decorative element. It is also the concavity formed to place the coffins in a cemetery.
For example: “I have to go to renew the niche of the grandfather,” “With that lifestyle, it will not take long to end up in a niche.”

Nor can we ignore the fact that there is a natural space called El Nicho, which has become one of the best exciting and beautiful attractions and charms that exists in Cuba.



In the province of Cienfuegos, and more accurately in the Laguna de Guanaroca-Yaguanabo-El Nicho Wildlife Refuge, it is specifically where this virgin natural enclave is located that is made up of waterfalls and ponds, which are located between mountains.

Among the most beautiful and singular places that you can visit, admire and enjoy in El Nicho, we could highlight, for example, the National Monument of the Martín Infierno Cave, the waterfalls of the Black Stream or the Calvo Cave. These spaces are where a great variety of animals, such as flamingos live in perfect harmony and freedom.

For marketing, a niche market is a segment of the market in which individuals have homogeneous characteristics and needs are not being met by supply. To speak of a niche market, therefore, is to speak of an opportunity offered by the economy to develop a certain commercial or productive activity with high possibilities of success in the face of market conditions.

A niche market, in particular, is a fraction of a market segment. If the Internet is a segment of the technology market, blogs, and social networks, for example, are niche markets.

niche market

There are several significant characteristics that we can highlight from a niche market. However, among all of them, we would highlight the following: it has a series of very specific needs, it is complex, it has a palpable will to satisfy those, and it is usually a small group.

The niche market recognizes segmentation to a business opportunity, arising from unmet needs. That is why specialists usually recommend focusing on niche markets and not on the market too large to be successful, at least in the first stage of a company.

An ecological niche is, on the other hand, the relationship between a species and a population in an ecosystem. It is about the function that the individual or the group fulfils within a certain community. The ecological niche includes the biotic and abiotic factors that come into relation with the organism.

The English biologist Elton was the one who for the first time made use of the term ecological niche. A concept on which there is known as the Gauss Principle. This maxim is to make clear that each species has its niche, thus avoiding competition. And it is that the natural environment is looking for balance and under no circumstances bet on what is a futile struggle between different species.