There’re many smartphone accessories on the market, which people use fiercely.  They are pretty popular with these accessories. The good thing about them is that Bluetooth headphones are also getting cheap, and their quality improves. The single thing about these headphones is that you can take someone’s call without touching the phone, so if you’re also thinking about buying Bluetooth headphones or neckband headphones but can’t agree on which one to buy, this is the news for you. In this report, we’ll tell you about a few select headphones, which are worth less than two lakhs.

If you are still using the headphones that came with your phone, then you need an update. With so many options these days, you can customize your style and get a great music experience. We have compiled a list of Best Airless Bluetooth Headphones in India 2020 based on customer reviews and market research.

Here is the list of the best Bluetooth Headphones under Rs 2000

Realme Buds Wireless

Realme Buds Wireless

It is a wireless Bluetooth headset with a microphone. It’s tuned and tuned by world-famous DJ Alan Walker and an R&D team. Realme buds wireless provides deep bass. A brilliant sound experience and Its compact design are smooth and lightweight. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are complete with premium metal and skin-friendly silica for your comfort. It is unique logo and color make you stand out from the crowd.

These Bluetooth headphones are designed for a comfortable fit and come with a highly durable battery. It is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for Rs 2000. It comes with an 11.2mm ultra-large bass boost driver and Daikoku technology from Japan, and it has a premium neckband design with a tangled free string.

The Bluetooth has a large 110 mAh battery and magnetic earbuds with an automatic shutdown function. And It also comes with a six-month warranty and weighs only 30 grams. You’re in-line remote includes a three-button and microphone. It allows you to straight control music, phone calls, and voice assistant (Alexa, Google, Siri).

Tagg Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Tagg Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These wireless Bluetooth headphones have simple and innovative technology that makes listening enjoyable. Let you enjoy authentic wireless HD sound. Its technology joint with dust, splashes, and resistant design. These wireless headphones get the beauty of music into your life. This CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology ensures excellent music quality and pure voice calls.

It comes with high fidelity sound and has Bluetoothv4.1 and EDR for 30 feet of operating range. This technology comes with CVC 6.0 with complete call control. The Tagg Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come with IPX 4 sweat resistance for active use. The device comes with comfortable wireless earbuds that can comfortably wear during gyms, games, and runs. Its invisible nano-coating technology protects the headphones from stress during fitness workouts. Provides 7 hours of music playing time, 180 hours of standby time, and 8-9 hours of talk time. Bluetooth comes with a one-year warranty.

Cross Beats Wave Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Cross Beats Wave Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are comfortable for your ears. It gives you better performance, and you can easily use and connect Bluetooth headphones.

And It also comes with Bluetooth 4.1. CSR technology ensures high-fidelity music and clear speech within 10 meters.

It’s an intelligent technology Bluetooth headset that believes in greater focus and less noise. It’s a perfect and secure fit.

Cross Beats Wave Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These are designs for running, exercising, or just enjoying your day. These neckband headphones are the best to wear while listening to songs.

It comes with a built-in HD  and allows dual pairing. The wireless earbuds come with IPX7 waterproof technology and use nano-coating technology that protects the wireless earbuds against sweat.

Bluetooth comes with CVC6.0 noise cancellation and supports the extensive operating time of up to 9 hours. It requires a range of 33 feet and is compatible with all Bluetooth-equipped devices. It is one of the best Bluetooth headphones under Rs 2000

PTron Tangent Evo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

PTron Tangent Evo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

PTron Tangent Evo Bluetooth which one of the best neckband headphones to use. These Bluetooth headphones are Manufactured to bring you deep, vibrant, high-fidelity bass to make your music experience more enjoyable, which allows you to dip yourself in clear high-explain audio.

Can only do it for your outdoor activities, such as cycling, jogging, climbing, walking, gym workouts, yoga, and other sports activities pleasant musical world. It is faster and more stable, making it suitable for sports, training, and consistent use. With a bio fiber combined diaphragm, it gives you a powerful, slip-free sound experience with

It comes with a wireless Bluetooth headphone microphone, including music and volume control, two extra-large earbuds. With these Bluetooth headphones, you will never miss a beat or a note. You can also roll these Bluetooth headphones in the palm of your hand like a ball. It comes with sweat-proof headphone technology, allowing you to enjoy the melody in a stressed sweat. Thus, you extend your musical journey almost throughout the day. It is one of the best Bluetooth headphones under Rs 2000

Mi Basic Sports Headphones

Mi Basic Sports Headphones

These  Mi headphones are designed with Bluetooth technology that adapts perfectly to your workouts.

These wireless Bluetooth headphones come with an IPX4 rating and are waterproof. Whether it’s a gym, swimming, sports, or jogging, these Bluetooth headphones can be your companion.

These headphones provide 9-hour battery life and remain ergonomically designed. Enhance your workout with these fabulous Bluetooth headphones and feel extra bass like never before.

My Sports Earphones Basic weighs just 13.6 grams, making it ultralight. It comes with a six-month warranty.

And also, provides 9 hours of battery backup and allows you to enjoy music and video in one stop and with 10mm of sound conductor and high-quality copper enamel wire.

Sweat and splash-proof features protect you from rain, sweat, and splashes. Its 360 ° rotatable ear tip hook design provides a snug fit for a proper angle.

Sony WI-C300 Wireless in-ear Headphones

The Sony WI-C300 headphones are designed to deliver a training experience with clear sound quality. These wireless headphones have style, design, and technology.

The battery lasts longer and provides 8 hours of battery life. And also, it works on a single charge and allows you to stay connected with friends and family Uses built-in smartphone support.

Sony WI-C300 Wireless in-ear Headphones

These wireless headphones will enable you to access your smartphone with voice evaluation. It is one of the best neckband headphones to use while talking on the phone.

These Sony WI-C300 in-ear wireless headphones have a 9mm neodymium driver unit for powerful sound, which has an in-line microphone for hands-free calling and comes with rich bass and a significant sound upgrade.

It’s tangle-free ropes tall for traveling, exercises, hiking, and biking. And also, it comes with an in-built microphone in voice notifications for incoming calls. Bluetooth weighs 13.6 grams. And It comes with a one-year warranty.

Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Headphones

They have a lightweight design and bring out your favorite songs with HD sound and deep bass.

And also, it matches with Bluetooth 4.1-CSR8635 with 10mm drivers offering brilliant output. They ensure crystal clear cable transmission in authentic HD sound.

With 6 hours of playtime, you can get through the day with these Bluetooth headphones. You can listen to music, receive calls, and activate a voice-controlled smartphone assistant. Their wireless Bluetooth headphones protect them from falls.

Digitek DBE005 Wireless Bluetooth Surround Sound Headphones

That will be your vocation and music partner. It is built with 3D dynamic sound quality to deliver superior sound and powerful bass With a condenser microphone, it provides a hands-free HD calling experience.

It can support all operating systems, Bluetooth phones, PCs, laptops, tablets. These Bluetooth headphones bring you wireless music while driving, exercising, or doing any other activity.

That allows you to enjoy the world of music. These headphones are perfect for those who want freedom of movement Provide high-quality surround sound with a sound signature.

With a comfortable design, this ear canal reduces fatigue and pressure points. It has an elegant design in black. Thus, it provides you with an effortlessly balanced audio experience.