Basecamp Alternative

Basecamp alternative has been one of the most popular project management software since its inception. For more than thirteen years, people have vouched for Basecamp’s simplicity and collaborative approach to managing projects.

Many people try Basecamp for project management and collaboration, but then most of them come back looking for alternative tools that work better for their needs. There’s a reason for that.

The reason is, Basecamp is far from faultless. It didn’t do anything different. It just picked and offered topographies that every other project management tool was a contribution.

Limitations of Basecamp Alternative


Most projects involve repetitive and deliverable tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Unfortunately, Basecamp does not offer the option to set recurring charges.


The details related to each project are limited. Most of the information is scattered across all the scheme boards. This means that the interface does not display information in an area.


Although it is known as a task and project management tool, the functionality is insufficient to manage these requirements effectively.

Budgeting and Analysis:

Basecamp does not offer functionality related to project or task budgeting. This is a critical feature in determining how much the project costs and helps significantly in planning future projects. Plus, analytics is the future of any industry. However, Basecamp does not offer options to analyze project results or future implications.

Built-In Time Tracking:

Time tracking is an essential feature of any project development program. There are options to add time tracking, but you must use third-party integrations.


Personalization is one of the cool features that any project management tool offers. Whether through templates, forms, colour schemes, or personal interfaces, customization will always have an added edge in the industry. It is necessary to opt for Basecamp Alternatives due to the lack of customization in Basecamp.

Messaging and Chat:

No project is complete without the collaboration of a team. Rather than providing a built-in chat channel, Basecamp requires you to register with Campfire to take advantage of chat services. By default, the program does not come with an instant messaging feature.

Search and Filter:

Another limitation of Basecamp project management is the lack of search and filter options. For example, you cannot search for files or to-do lists.

Top 10 Basecamp Alternatives

The project management tools listed below are worth checking out if you are looking for an Basecamp alternative. They come with a robust feature set and an easy to use interface.

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub is the kind of advanced tool designed to put an end to these traditional business practices. Instead, it’s an all-in-one project management software with plenty of upgradeable features to meet the growing needs of your business. The idea behind this tool is quite intuitive and straightforward – its purpose is to help project managers, decision-makers and remote teams better communicate and manage every aspect of the project more effectively.

  1. Scoro

Scoro is a complete business management software solution for professionals and creative departments that helps them streamline work and eliminate routine tasks. It combines project planning, time tracking and invoicing on one platform, making Scoro a great alternative to Basecamp.

Main characteristics:

  • Plan work and assign tasks
  • Effectively manage the project portfolio
  • Real-time and billable monitoring
  • Powerful reports and a beautiful dashboard
  1. Trello

Trello boards, lists, and cards let you organize and prioritize your projects in a fun and flexible way, and that’s what makes Trello a great competitor to Basecamp. It enables you to work more collaboratively and do more.

Main characteristics:

  • Follows a visual approach to represent projects
  • Add comments, add-ons and more directly to Trello cards
  • Trello stays in sync across all your devices
  1. Gantt Pro

GanttPro is an online project planning tool founded on Gantt charts. It helps individual users and teams from various industries facilitate project management processes, more efficient team collaboration, and customers and stakeholders.

Main characteristics:

  • All information stored in one place, right in front of you
  • Team collaboration
  • Resource and cost management
  • A large number of ready-to-use models
  • Time tracking
  1. Proprofs Project

ProProfs Project is versatile project management software that enables project managers to streamline workflow and get more done in less time. The tool dramatically improves critical areas of project management, including planning, scheduling, project task delegation, resource allocation, identifying dependencies, team collaboration, and project management. Budget and helps you always deliver on time.

Main characteristics:

  • Efficient delegation of tasks to team members.
  • Gantt charts to improve visibility of tasks, sub-tasks, dates and deadlines.
  • Kanban board to improve competence and increase productivity.
  • Time tracking for various project tasks.
  • Give alerts, reminders and notifications for project completion.
  • Has sophisticated reports to monitor team performance.
  • Help with calculating billable hours and generating invoices.
  1. Huddle

Huddle is state-of-the-art collaboration software that provides secure collaboration for teams, businesses, and various government organizations. What sets it apart from Basecamp is that you are working on an internal project or collaborating with clients.

Main features:

  • Simple and secure document collaboration
  • Create, control and manage work
  • Easily track progress
  • Integrates with many third-party applications
  1. JIRA

JIRA is a solid competitor to Basecamp, developed by Atlassian. Several software developments, project management, and agility teams use this tool to plan and track projects.

Main features:

  • Prioritize and discuss work with complete visibility.
  • Choose a workflow or create your own
  • Promotes collaboration in real-time
  1. Click Up

ClickUp is the best alternative to Basecamp that offers an intuitive way to do more. Whether you are a developer, administrator, or anyone who gets things done, you have a perfect view of the tool.

Main features:

  • Create custom statuses
  • Beautiful multitasking toolbar
  • Offers more than 500 integrations
  1. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a modern software platform intended for service professionals. It helps you deliver effortlessly by providing more connectivity, transparency, and improved performance with its advanced features.

Main features:

  • Get visibility into all projects in your portfolio
  • Advanced analytics and robust business intelligence engine
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  1. Liquid Planner

LiquidPlanner is one of those gears like Basecamp that provides a better way to plan and execute work. Interestingly, it offers a reactive approach to project management by treating projects as living and evolving constructions.

Main features:

  • Project plans based on priorities
  • Project calendars automatically predict completion dates
  • Data and status are accessible in real-time
  • Instantly see the impact of resource availability

The Best Basecamp Alternative of 2021 is an award-winning software perfect for teams that require more robust project management features than Basecamp. Our cloud-based tool has all the topographies of Basecamp, plus multiple plan views to work in—with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, task lists, and calendars. This Basecamp alternative is the one-stop key to all your project management wants.

Basecamp works fine for humble task management and message-board-like communication tools for teams, but it’s limited to managing most projects and is cost-prohibitive. On the other hand, has a full suite of project management features that help you manage projects big and small at an attractive price point.

Main Features:

  • Track your team’s progress
  • Manage to-do’s
  • Prioritize
  • Save time
  • Conduct meetings
  • Reduce Emails
  • Communicate more effectively with your team


There are Basecamp Alternatives whose capabilities meet or exceed those of Basecamp. These software tools are used in conjunction with others to allow for seamless communication and organization within your team.

Basecamp project management alternatives (free and paid) offer far more compelling features and meet your needs. Businesses mostly employ mind maps for strategic planning, collaboration, and creativity.

Brainstorming: Mind mapping fosters a free flow of ideas and helps spark new thoughts through association. It’s the perfect tool for original brainstorming alone or in a team.

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