What is a Project Management Dashboard?

A project management dashboard is a dashboard of data that shows performance metrics for particular projects. A project management dashboard can present metrics for a project’s overall performance and progress or highlight specific issues that lack further attention. This type of dashboard is perfect for individual departments that want to monitor the success of projects and campaigns.

Types of Project Management Dashboard

As mentioned above, project management dashboards are specific to project goals. In organizations of all sizes, this type of dashboard does an excellent job of focusing on specific processes to balance effort and performance. The following examples from the project management dashboard give an idea of how particular departments would use this tool:

Project Management Dashboard (1)

Project Management Dashboard for Marketing Agencies

Many companies use project management dashboards because they want an easy-to-use interface to keep track of tasks, schedules, and budgets. Project management dashboards are a good communication and organization tool for marketing teams because they constantly work with moving parts in an environment that requires constant consideration. Tracking operations and projects on a project marketing dashboard also lay the foundation for future team efforts. Marketers can measure results and apply insights from data to improve efficiency and engagement in the future.

Marketing Project Administration Dashboard

A custom project management dashboard keeps busy companies on track. The dashboard is for sales teams or executives, and managers. Handles finances of any business project, identify opportunities, and ensures that operations are within the financial capabilities of the business.

DevOps Project Control Dashboard

Developers operate in an environment that can change instantly. Important metrics such as activation and deactivation times, reaction times, load times, and errors are an essential part of every DevOps dashboard. Developers are the solution to website performance and feature development. Monitoring investments in bugs and features is critical to running a smooth system. The DevOps project management dashboard ensures everyone is on the same page, so work doesn’t overlap and issues arise.

Top Metrics to Continue to Your Project Management Dashboard

The metrics on your project management dashboard depend on your role, department, and of course, the goals of the project. Like all dashboards, project management dashboards encourage action. With this in mind, remember that metrics and KPIs need to be actionable on your dashboard, as changes to the data require changes to the process.

The following are famous metrics to add to your project management dashboard:

1. Base Camp

Basecamp is a private and secure online space where people working together can organize and discuss whatever they need to get a project off the ground. Tasks, discussions, deadlines. See it, follow it, discuss it, act on it.

The following metrics are any of the most used Basecamp clips:

Completed Tasks

View a list of the tasks each team member has completed in a convenient drop-down menu.


Harvest helps your team keep track of time on specific projects and tasks. You can bill your working time and bill clients, and generate reports that give you critical information about the health of your business. We think it is an excellent addition to any panel, especially agencies.

2. Hours Spent on Homework

Bring time tracking to life by observing how many hours you’ve spent on a project in the last seven days.

Time in the Project

Whether your project is large or small, you always keep track of your hours. And also, use this clip to compare your budgeted hours with the total time you spent on the project.


Slack is a discussion platform for teams and workplaces. And also, slack is across multiple devices and platforms and with robust features that allow you to chat one-on-one with coworkers and in groups. You can upload files.

Excel Project Management Control Panel

And, of course, creating a dashboard with Excel. With Klipfolio, you can easily create a dynamic dashboard template using your Excel spreadsheet as the data source. Creating a KPI dashboard with Excel so that you can later visualize your data and share it with decision-makers has never been easier!

Is There a Distinction Between a Project Management Dashboard and a Custom Dashboard?

The solution is none! A variant of a business dashboard, with the only difference being that it relates explicitly to measuring and tracking individual projects and campaigns. This type of dashboard accepts the same purpose as a business dashboard: to simplify and centralize information.

Why are Dashboards Practical Project Management Tools?

There are several reasons why dashboards are practical project management tools. Like all dashboard reports, project management dashboards are ideal for organizing at all levels of the workplace and across different departments.

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