6 Simple Tips To Run Your Online Business


E-commerce has transformed how online business is conducted around the world for some time now. This trend is expected to continue, that by 2040, of all purchases made, more than 95 percent of them are expected to be conducted through e-commerce.

There are already about 12 to 24 million e-commerce websites in the world, which range from large-scale to small-scale e-commerce stores. That cover virtually almost every industry in the world. It’s as easy as ever to start an online business in this day and age due to the abundance of online business ideas you can explore.

Run Your Online Business

An growing number of people are choosing online platforms as the preferred platforms for shopping, as this method allows them to find all types of products easily. As the demand for e-commerce and online stores is increasing, the supply for these online e-commerce stores is also growing as more and more people opt for opening online stores.

This growth is not even surprising given how easy and affordable it is to run this store, and that too from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re looking to build an eCommerce business from scratch and run it for years to come or intend to sell your online business as soon as it gains traction, you will need to dedicate yourself to the business.

So, if you are also looking to open your own online business, look no further as

These 6 tips can help you run your online store successfully.

Do not compromise on quality

Just like traditional brick and mortar stores, the design of your e-commerce store is equally essential to attract and retain customers. Since 94 percent of first impressions relating to the design of your website, it’s very important to focus on it.

The design of a brick and mortar store refers to the store’s layout, the paint, and wallpaper, and how the products are place, so that the customers can easily find and select their desired products.

On the other hand, the design of the online e-commerce stores refers to how easily the customers can navigate the website, how clear the layout is, and how attractive the aesthetics and the design are.

A well-designed website establishes the legitimacy of your brand, as 75 percent base the credibility of a business by its website.

Select the web host carefully

A good and reliable web host can go a long way in the success of your online e-commerce store. Using a good and reliable web host means that the customer will not face a slow, unresponsive, and unreliable website; all three factors which can make all the difference between making or breaking a potential customer.

A good and reliable web host will not only make your website fast and one that is of high quality, but it will also make your site secure, and that can prove to be very reassuring for the customer.

There are many web hosting platforms you can explore, especially if you’ve built your website on WordPress. Which service you choose depends on what your specific requirements are and which web host meets them best.

Provide detailed product descriptions

Since an online e-commerce store does not provide. The opportunity of physically holding and examining the product to the customer, a detailed description of the product that is being sold must be provided.

Here are a limited things you can do to make the descriptions of the products as comprehensive as possible, and give the customers a viable alternative to physically viewing a product:

  • Very detailed, complete, and easy to understand descriptions about the product
  • High-quality and high-definition photography can be conduct from different angles for the customers to view
  • Videos of the product can be made for a more realistic look of the product
  • Make use of customer feedback in the form of reviews

It’s important to include visual content, such as photos and videos, to provide an accurate description of the products. 50 percent of shoppers have returned a product they’ve purchased from online stores because it didn’t match the product description.

To ensure customers have a clear, you should always add images. While processing thousands of images may seem like a huge hassle, you can use flow photography, instead of batching, to retouch a large number of pictures in a matter of hours.

Select an appropriate payment gateway

Making money is the primary goal of most businesses. Since you cannot collect physical cash and credit card payments at the store, you have to select a payment gateway that is best and suitable to your needs so that your business can be conducted.

Luckily, there are many reliable and effective options to choose from, like Apple Pay, PayPal, and others.

Schedule your tasks properly

Think about working smart, not hard! Not all people opening up online e-commerce stores have the luxury of working full-time on their online stores. as many people who are working other jobs also open up online stores as a part-time business.

So, if you have scheduled your time correctly before you will not waste your time wondering what to do next!

Use social media effectively

Social media can prove to be a handy and efficient tool to market your online e-commerce store and generate leads. Not only is social media very useful and valuable, but it is also very cost-effective and provides excellent value for money.

According to research, nine out of every ten people in the US that use the internet visit a social networking site at least once a month.

Once you have determined your target market, and created original, quality content, you can share this content effectively on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram with targeted sponsored ads.

Social media marketing also provides you the opportunity to engage with your customers directly, receive feedback, and address their queries instantly. By doing so, you are, in essence, building a good rapport and a profitable relationship with your customers and providing them with excellent customer service at the same time.


If there ever has been a year that is suitable for opening your online e-commerce store, it is the year 2020. More people are using online stores for shopping than ever as people get aware of the benefits and ease of shopping that online e-commerce stores provide.

Online e-commerce stores are projected to grow extensively in the years to reach, and so is the competition for these stores, and it will become increasingly challenging to run your online e-commerce store. Therefore, the tips discussed in the article can prove to be helpful for you to open up and successfully operate your online e-commerce store.

What other tips are crucial to running a successful online business? Let us know in the comments below!