Every organization today conducts aptitude tests to test the overall proficiency of the candidates. The aptitude tests indicate the IQ level of the candidates. They do not solely rely on these aptitude tests because they also conduct psychometric tests of the candidates. Most of the organizations today have realized that an employee cannot contribute to the organization by merely using his intelligence. The candidate should also possess a better attitude to contribute to the organization meaningfully. Some important tests are conducted for the post of pilots also. The psychometric test for pilots is conducted by the airport authorities.

Conducting Psychometric Tests For Pilots

About the psychometric tests

This tool is useful in evaluating the behavioral attributes of the candidates. It is used to scrutinize existing pilots and scrutinize the other traits of the candidate. It indicates their level of understanding and an individual’s personality. Many other competencies of the candidates are accessed, such as team management, emotional stability, adherence to the process, crisis management, etc. They also test the cognitive competencies of the candidates, such as problem-solving, spatial ability, decision making, mass communication, detail-oriented, etc.

The pilots should prove their competencies in several areas because they are confronted with several challenges. They should access the air traffic, control speed at varying points, undertake quick decisions under different circumstances, etc. So, the psychometric test for pilots is essential because they should select a candidate who can align with the job requirements.

The purpose of conducting Pilot Aviation test

Select a team of competent pilots

They judge some of the essential skills that are required to become a pilot. They test the basic skills and also the specialized skills that are essential in this field.

Save time for recruitment

They can save their time drastically because the assessment system is configured in such a way that it can generate multiple reports. The reports can be generated immediately after the reports are produced.

Reliable procedure

It is a reliable procedure because they comprise the benchmarking procedure. It is consistent with the standard of industries.

Identify the gaps in the competency level

It is one of the reliable tools for recruitment that helps to identify a gap and provides training to the existing customers. This test is conducted for 80 minutes in the English language. In this section, 154 questions are asked to the pilots. It contains three main sections, namely the Situational Judgment Profiler, Mettle Personality Profiler, and Cognitive Skills.

The Mettle Profiler is used to test the behavioral competencies of the candidates. The Situational Judgment Test is used to access the metal framework of the candidate and their ability to handle challenging situations. The cognitive skills test the abstract reasoning ability of the candidate, including their spatial skills, attention skills, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning.

So, these tests are useful for testing multiple skills of the candidates. They indicate the overall competency of the pilot and his ability to handle any type of situation.

Psychometric test for pilots

So, the applications of psychometric testing help in psychological assessment and understand the personality of the candidate deeply. The psychometric test are conducted to know the person deeply and not judge him superficially. They are essential for identifying the right candidates with essential traits and competencies.

These competencies cannot be judged by merely judging a candidate just by communicating with him for a few minutes. They should understand the core competencies and their performance even in the direst situation.

The Traits that Should be Evaluated in the Candidate

They evaluate the specific aspect of the individual. Some of the tests are conducted to merely test the specific skills such as numeric skills or reasoning skills etc. they also test the inborn traits of an individual such as the temperament etc. According to the research studies conducted by experts, interviews, and application forms do not test any substantial skills of the candidates. So, the modern tools of psychometric assessment are used in the following ways.

Identify the core competencies that are required to succeed in most confronting situations and to select the most competent candidate. They are used to access the key competencies by employing valid tools and reliable tools. Use the most customized reports to pick the most right candidate. They select the best candidates for a better future of the organization. These tools are also useful to develop and detect the growth of the candidates for a better future.

Useful Tools to Develop Growth of a Candidate.

It performs succession planning to address several human resource problems such as the changes in work rapidly, an increase in turnover, etc.

This tool evaluates the level of development of the candidate and the potential that they have. So, the aspects of potential include the ability, drive, social skills, etc. The ability includes the cognitive skills of the candidates. They measure the brain-based skills or the overall intelligence to access their tasks of completion.

They also access the social skills of the candidates and their overall interpersonal skills to know their psychology in public. Its tools of MPP or MPI is used to test the social skills of the candidates.

The drive is a factor that decides the willingness of the candidate to achieve the professional goal within the time specified to them.

So, the tools test the qualities of the candidates deeply, and these qualities cannot be accessed by merely judging a person.

So, the applications of psychometric testing are useful to the recruiter and company both so that they can undertake better decisions.


Today, the organization is experiencing many challenges and is confronted with competition in the market. So, they should prove their competencies in various areas. They should select the candidates who are most suitable for the organization. They should select a candidate who can perform the specified task accurately. The candidate should also culturally become fit for the organization. So, the tools help to test all the types of abilities that are required in the organization. The candidate should be able to manage the routine tasks and also handle some unseen situations that are dire. The pilot should sometimes save the lives of several people in the plane and should undertake the right decision. So, some proven tools are required to test their competencies.