How to Put Power Behind Your PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint presentations have the potential to be dry. If you’ve ever sat through a PowerPoint presentation that never progressed beyond a series of text-heavy slides, you know the feeling of being underwhelmed – even bored – by the experience. But they don’t have to be that technique.

Done right, a PowerPoint presentation lives up to its name. It is a powerful, engaging, and persuasive way of telling a story, selling your product/service, and changing the minds of those who see it.

Through eye-popping data visualization, a PowerPoint presentation can simplify and sell complex concepts and figures. Through the choice use of language, it can distill your brand message and effectively communicate your value. And with the right visual elements, it can resonate in the memories of attendees – keeping you top-of-mind with clients, prospects, and employees.

To put the “Power” in your PowerPoint presentation, follow these easy tips.

Hire a PowerPoint Design Agency

This is an overarching piece of advice, one that any business would do well to consider. You have specialists and experts for all facets of your business – accounting, sales, human resources, etc. – so it stands to reason that you should also have an expert to help with your PowerPoint presentation. After all, presentations are an essential part of your business.

Find an agency specializing in creating custom PowerPoint presentations or Pitch Decks– an agency that can internalize your brand guidelines, effectively communicate your brand and slide deck, and create custom templates and graphics to improve your presentations.

The only way to ensure that your PowerPoint presentation is engaging, error-free, and effective is to leave it to the experts.

Your PowerPoint Presentation Needs to Tell a Story

Remember: Your PowerPoint Presentation Needs to Tell a Story

Storytelling is an integral part of a PowerPoint presentation. You want to incorporate brand guidelines in a compelling, visually appealing, and narratively effective way.

Rather than simply featuring a slew of data, take care to wrap your facts and figures in a compelling story. According to cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner, humans are 22 times more likely to retain information if it is part of a story.

Don’t Use Fewer Words – Use Better Words

Concision is the name of the game when giving a PowerPoint presentation. But don’t mistake concision for less. Rather than indiscriminately cutting ideas out of the presentation, concision is about zeroing in on the most prescient and important details, allowing them to be featured in the presentation’s structure.

Again, a PowerPoint design agency will prove immensely helpful in this task. They can help you carefully select words that speak to the key messages you wish to convey.

Make Your Graphics Pop

Finally, you want to make your visuals pop. People consume media with their eyes as well as their ears. After long days listening to pitches and receiving presentations, your clients might require a jolt of visual stimuli to hold their attention. Eye-grabbing visuals aren’t necessarily about being flashy – instead, they’re about highlighting important messages and information. For help with engaging graphics, again, turn to a PowerPoint Design Agency for help.

With bold graphics, concise language, compelling storytelling, and the help of a professional presentation design company, you can put real power behind your PowerPoint presentations.