Why Web Design Is Critical To The Success Of Your Blog


Whether your goal is reaching new prospects or brand awareness, website design will be the determinant of whether visitors stay longer at your blog or not. A blog with proper web design will make users well apprised of your brand. Thus, the goal of any blog is to promote your brand.

The last thing you want is dissuading visitors due to a shambolically designed blog. If you already have a blog or intend to get one, check this site out for more information.


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Web design is critical to the success of your blog:

Allows You To Show Off Best Blog Content

Specific posts in your blog can attract a lot of web traffic, and you can consider these as your best content. With great web design, you’ll be able to emphasize these types of content.

In addition, proper web graphic design also allows you to add some of these popular pages into your navigation menus so that new or recurring visitors alike can easily find them.

Improves Blog User Experience

The success of your blog relies heavily on its functionality and usability. This is why a blog that intends to offer a compelling user-experience must always keep the user in mind. For instance, for your blog to provide great user-experience, it must have a logical page hierarchy and clickable buttons that help users easily and conveniently find the information they’re looking for.

Regardless of the nature of your blog, visitors are more likely to leave your site if it takes them a long time to navigate your pages. Additionally, you have to ensure that the hierarchy of your blog content is well-organized so that users can easily gravitate to your site’s most critical elements.

Increases Your Blog’s Loading Speed

Most users abandon a site if it takes longer than eight seconds to load, and this is applicable to blogs as well. This is why it’s crucial for your blog to have faster loading times. One way to decrease your blog’s loading time is to optimize your image sizes.

Larger images are the primary stumbling blocks to faster loading speeds, so ensure they’re scaled to a reasonable size. Additionally, if you happen to have landing pages in your blog, make them cacheable. Doing so will improve your blog’s loading time.

With proper web design, you can never go wrong in fine-tuning your blog so it loads faster.

Optimize Your Blog For Mobile 

A mobile-friendly website means that most users are likely to check your blog from their mobile devices. If your web designer has not yet optimized your blog for mobile use, you’ll be missing out on a broad demographic of potential visitors.

Additionally, optimizing your blog for mobile enhances a visitor’s user-experience. More importantly, it makes your blog appear on the first pages of Google’s results since the search engine has an affinity towards mobile-optimized sites.

Improves Your Accessibility To Blog Visitors

The idea of starting a blog begins with wanting to increase your reach. That said, it’s practically impossible for your intended audience to chase you down if they’re unaware of your presence.

Similarly, the web design of your blog must make it easy for clients and visitors to engage with you through social media, emails or the telephone. The most effective way to achieve this is by placing your social media handles within your blog, accompanied by relevant social media logos.

Additionally, your web design should allow users to write reviews or leave comments on your blog posts, with an incentive to get their email address. Such functionality will help increase your accessibility to potential clients who might be interested in your product or service.

Enables You To Include Visible Call-To-Action Buttons

Another reason why web design is critical to your blog is the fact that it’ll allow you to include strategic call-to-action buttons or statements targeting your site visitors. It’s essential to know that without a call-to-action, your visitors will do nothing. Nonetheless, this highly depends on the objective of your blog.

A simple call-to-action statement, such as appealing to visitors to read and share your articles, can be a perfect start, and this can only be achieved through relevant web design.

Enhances Your Blog’s Design Functionality

A blog can be a reflection of your company’s products and services—in short, it represents your brand. So, making it visually appealing is paramount in getting the best out of your plan. Your web design should be able to leverage on white space and utilize a neat layout with quality graphics.

Additionally, you should be able to conduct rigorous tests, which can only be achieved through web design, to ensure that the blog is working as intended. Broken and poorly constructed blogs increase your blog’s bounce rate, which is something you don’t want to experience.


Great web design is critical for your blog’s success as it results in faster loading speeds, mobile optimization, and improved access for your blog’s visitors. It also enables you to put up visible call-to-action statements or buttons.

Moreover, proper web design also ensures your blog’s functionality is fully achieved, which allows you to show off your best content, as well as improve user-experience.