It is never good to make your future bosses wait, although the other candidates for the position would thank you. And we know that one of your biggest concerns about coming to the antipodes is the mystery that terrifies most students: will I find work when I arrive in Australia? The experience of traveling to Australia is something unforgettable. We have said it thousands – if not millions of times, but we have to admit that an extra income when you are living here will not hurt you. For this reason and for many more (for example, that we had this list of agencies and job portals for days and we wanted you to take advantage of it) we have written this post (What Platforms to Choose for Advertising a Job Opening)

It is likely that you have arrived here by writing on Google things like “how to find a job in Australia”. But if you are here reading these lines, we have done things right. And now, without further delay, we finally offer you the best list of portals and internet employment agencies, so finding a job in Australia is something less to worry about. And then you can continue with the Netflix chapter.

Portals and employment agencies to search for work online in Australia
Portals and employment agencies to search for work online in Australia:

General pages

There are multiple websites where jobs are posted. If, what you are looking for is literally anything, you can find vacancies in hospitality, child care or cleaning services. One of the best platforms you can come across is at Work Australia Jobs.

Here are some of the most recommended pages. Start navigating in each and every one of them!

  • Employment Byron.
  • Australia Jobsite.
  • LGnet.
  • Yellow Pages.
  • Jobnet.
  • White Pages.
  • Adcorp.
  • Careers Online.

Are you good with children?

If you come up with the idea of ​​finding a babysitter, this list is what you need to sign up and visit day after day. Many Australian families find it helpful to hire people from other countries, whether to know your culture, your language or your customs. Also, finding a job like this will help improve your skills by leaps and bounds. As we were going, check out each of these websites:

  • Au pair Australia: A site of the complex. Register for free as an au pair and find hundreds of offers from families who, also registered on the site, are looking for people to take care of their children. Maybe the web seems a bit confusing as soon as you enter, but soon you will be done with its handling.
  • Find a babysitter: similar to the previous format, on this website you can get comments on your profile to later opt for other positions more easily. With a more intuitive interaction than the previous one, this website has several media awards from the sector. This demonstrates its reliability.
  • Childcare jobs: this website is more specialized in other types of work, always related to children. It is perhaps not the best option when looking for au pair positions, but it certainly for some other type of qualified position related to the smallest.
  • Blue Ribbon Nannies & Babysitters: This platform is a nanny and babysitter agency from Sydney, similar to the previous ones, you can register, and families can find you when they need someone.
  • Expectastar: This web page looks for more qualified people in the children’s sector. From babysitter to working with children in a nursery. If you have experience working with children, this is a good option.
  • We need a nanny: very similar to the previous ones, but very simple and easy to understand and handle. You just need to register, and families can find you.
  • Others: Your babysitter, the right nanny, mother craft and nannies, night nannies.

If you search in the health sector, stop here!

We have compiled three sites par excellence where, if you are nurses or anything related to the health or care of people in need, you can look for a vacancy to practice in the antipodes.

  • AHCS: an intuitive and pleasant website where you can find the option to help people who need it. Come in and take a look. The information is very well explained.
  • Health staff: they have a specific section where they will inform you about your situation depending on the visa with which you come. It’s a bit confusing, so here we provide it.
  • Nursing jobs: even the name is the one that convinces us the most. Enter and search in a simple way what kind of job you want to find and in what area of ​​Australia. That easy!

Are you looking for something related to construction?

If you come to Australia with the idea of ​​working hard and saving money, you are probably interested in one of these positions. From specifically construction positions from construction recruitment agency to work in warehouses. Posts of physical effort, but that are rewarded at the end of the week with good pay.

Infront staffing: a website where the owners of construction companies or warehouses or factories of all kinds will come to look for candidates for their businesses. Are you already one of those candidates?

  • Labor solutions: similar in operation as the previous one. Enter, register for free and start investigating.
  • TLH groups: again, something similar. Register on this website and start putting one foot – or even both feet – in the Australian labor market.
  • Focal group: is a construction company where you can send your CV.
  • Labor force: it is another platform where you can register. There are different areas, not just the construction one, so you can find more alternatives.
  • Mclabor: here, you can also register and find different job offers in different positions and areas.
  • Others: All jobs, staffing, Sydneylabour, workforces.

Do you want to try other types of work?


  • Recruitment agencies:

Clothes and accessories:

At this point in the text, if you have visited all the websites that we have recommended and tried your luck in each of them, you may not need more information.

In fact, now that we think about it, you may not be reading this anymore because you are packing your things to come to Australia or at least you are thinking about it. Well, you know! Stop thinking about it and ask for our help! Here are the best ways to advertise job openings on social media.


This collection of websites to find work where many job offers appear will be very useful to find the position you are looking for. Prepare your resume well, make sure you strengthen your personal brand, and we wish you the best of luck in your new job.