8 Reasons Why You Should Allow Your Employees to Work from Home


Remote working is all the rage right now, and businesses across the world in every industry are starting to implement it into the core operational processes of their companies, but is it something your business should look into? Today, we’re going to explore eight critical considerations to why your business should, and how it could help you to  take your business to the next level.

Allow Employees to work from home

Increases Your Talent Pool

Let’s say a top employee wants to work from home or remotely and is a key consideration for them, especially if they have kids they have to look after or external things in their life that don’t fit around traditional office hours. If they can’t work your hours, they will work for another business. Offer remote working, and you’ll be able to source and retain the top talent that fits into this bracket.

Save Money

One of the key reasons to consider, having fewer people in your office building or business means you’ll need fewer resources to keep your business running, whether that’s equipment or power bills, etc. Having people work at home means you can easily cut down on the money you would usually be spending.

Makes Your Business More Productive

Since people are working all over the place, things like unnecessary meetings and unneeded communication can be cut out. People will message and email each other when needed, and this can dramatically help to boost productivity and streamline the processes your business currently runs. Using programs like coworking software can also make the whole transition for your business so much simpler.

Keeps Employees Happy

If employees have the choice as to whether they want to work at home or come into the office, either permanently or they want to work with a mix between the two, this tends to make employees happier with the place they’re working and towards you as a leader. Happy employees tend to mean more productive employees.

Recruiting Younger Staff

When it comes to recruiting younger people, especially those just coming into the world of work, these employees tend to like to have a choice when it comes to remote working, so by not having this option, just like with the top talent, you may be restricting yourself from what these guys and girls have to offer.

Larger Savings Over Time

If you transfer a lot of your staff over to remote working, you may even be able to downscale your physical operations, such as the office building you’re located in, meaning you’ll be able to save more money, or maybe even sell your building to make more profit as a lump sum.

Can Save the World

Probably not a point you were expecting, right? In the UK alone, since remote working has taken off, the reduction in carbon impact on the planet caused by reduced vehicles and transport services, and the office power consumption has helped cut carbon emissions by as much as 3 million tons per year.

Increased Employee Loyalty

The majority of peoples are starting to hear about remote working, with many switching to different companies that are offering this way of working. If you offer it yourself, then chances are you’ll be able to withhold many of your current employees and will reduce employee turnover.


There are plenty of reasons why considering a remote working/work from home scheme for your business could be the best decisions you make. As we move into 2020, this is going to be something your business should seriously start thinking about it.