Establishing a business is tough. But what is more grueling and tedious is running a business. Unstable market conditions, cut-throat competition, and changing customer behaviors are some of the key aspects that give a business owner many sleepless nights.

Above all, high operational cost is the one factor which can lead to your downfall. If we consider data, nearly 70% of start-ups crash just because of the lack of funds for proper funds usage. So if you want to taste success and thrive in the industry, you must utilize your funds proper and find ways to save money.

If we pay little attention, we get to know that a major part of business funds is consumed by infrastructure build-up, team hiring and training, and key resource set-up. If, as a business, you become a little diligent while getting all these things for your business then you can save around $5000 per year.

Yes, you read it right.

Reduce Your Office Expenses

 Curious to know how can it happen? 

Well, the straight answer is: use ‘cloud telephony’ for your business. A product of technological advancement, cloud telephony has emerged as the most viable tool to achieve high productivity, maximum ROI, and low-cost business management. Stick to us and find out how it happens.

It doesn’t demand high investments at the name of the office phone system set-up 

An office phone system is the spine of any business as it is what makes inbound and outbound communication possible. A major part of business investments is consumed by this factor only. Adopting traditional landline-based telephony is today’s digital world is like putting an axe on your foot on your own as it is way too costly. You need to keep a huge investment save to set-up the system and procure the right instruments.

Apart from this, you keep on spending on high monthly bills and system maintenance. In short, you can’t nest eggs if you are using a PSTN-based phone system. However, you can still make it happen if you switch to cloud telephony.

In the case of cloud telephony, all the telephony essentials are deployed over cloud space. You buy a subscription and become eligible to use them without any worries. Alongside this, the per-minute calling charges are way less than the copper wire-based telephony system as it transmits voice signals over the cloud space.

Also, you need not squander away the crucial business funds on equipment purchasing. Cloud telephony comes with in-built compatibility with all the data-driven devices like mobile phones, laptops, PC, and tablets. Hence, you need not buy a separate and dedicated landline phone system to communicate with customers and team members. You can use whichever data-driven device you already have.

We are not done yet. You are free from all the tensions and worries just by buying a subscription which includes regular system updates, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. So, you need to keep an army ready to deal with any technical fault at your own cost. When calculated in a precise manner, more than $2000 can be saved per year by simply using cloud telephony.

You don’t need to build a proper office in every location 

So, your business has expanded on a global level. Having a physical office in each location can be very expensive for you. You can cut down more than $2000 in office set-up by getting a cloud-based local phone number of that particular location and set-up a virtual office anywhere.

A virtual office can be operated from anywhere. Even from your living room. As it must be reflecting the local phone number of that particular location, your callers will think that you are somewhere near to them.

You can run a business with fewer team members 

Hiring a skilled team is another aspect that consumes a major chunk of your business investment. By using a cloud-based office phone system, you can save a fortune at this front as well.

A cloud-based phone system comes with powerful automation that makes you able to operate wonderfully even with fewer team members. For example, the cloud PBX doesn’t require a dedicated receptionist to transfer the calls. It will do it automatically.

Similarly, it can generate reports, ensure automatic call distribution, and attend the surging call traffic by offering virtual assistance through IVR. Hence, you need not hire a full-fledged team for this.

On the same note, tasks like call recording, reporting, feedback forms generation and collection, reviews, CRM handling, and marketing can be automated up to a large extent. Hence, you can operate with a small team. As it comes with a very easy and user-friendly interface, you don’t spend a fortune on team training. All of this saves $1000 per year for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cloud-based phone system and save a whopping $5000 per year straightaway.