For a small business, positive word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. PR Agency in Sydney is one of those organizations that can work wonders for you in this regard.

An advertisement disperses a static message about your business, product or service. For this service, you pay a hefty amount.

Whereas, a P.R. firm establishes an objective engagement with your business and/or brand – and all this for half the cost of the advertisement.

The credibility created through an advertisement is trivial as compared to the one constituted through a PR firm.

If you are the owner of a small business, and you often wonder whether you need a PR agency, you should read the following five reasons that will allow you to make up your mind.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

A P.R. Agency provides you with a competitive edge.

The economy is basically driven by consumers. Previously, there used to be only a few channels through which companies and businesses could engage with their customers. Presently, however, the situation has changed fundamentally after the advent of the internet and social media.

Now businesses and companies have several platforms through which they can communicate with your customers.

Your competitors are using all these social media channels to their advantage. They are all over the social media, in the news, and several other platforms. Their PR management is much better than yours.

The simple idea is that if a business is not talked about or discussed on social media or other such platforms, it is losing the limelight and thus, its customer base.

 Establishing and Maintaining Widespread Recognition of your Brand.

We must be clear about the very first phenomenon concerning brands: they are built slowly and surely rather than in haste. There is simply no short cut for establishing a brand among customers.

The visibility of your brand in the media can be gauge very slowly over a longer time period rather than rapidly. However, the more time it takes to establish your brand, the more secure and long-lasting, it will be.

A great PR Agency would decide on a plan that coincides with your strategic marketing plan. The marketing plan of your company could include social media, traditional media, and other platforms.

This is the way brands are established and maintained over several years. When you sit down to gauge the positive effects of the brand after a few months or a full year, you will see a trajectory. Of you see that it is going upwards, it would mean that the PR agency is working good for your business.


Perhaps you hired a PR agency a few months ago. It devised a compressive strategy and began working on it. After a few months, you were able to see the positive results of their efforts and decided that since you had achieved your first objective, it was time to let them go.

Nothing could be worse than this.

  • You must stay relevant at all times – even after your brand has been successfully established.
  • The PR agency has several stages and levels of procedures that are devised for the purpose of creating lasting management with the established customer base, and also lure prospective ones.
  • Their strategy may include offering opportunities to your managers and executives to share insight regarding your business and its various products/services. Since your staff is well-versed with the mechanics of your business, their conversations will add value to your brand because the listeners will come to know that you are a group of people who really know what they are doing.
  • A good PR firm also creates videos, podcasts, and similar other content that enables it to grab the attention of their audience.
  • This content which is distributed through many different channels lends credibility to you, your staff, and your business.

Using the Best language

There are many startups that falsely believe that if they are able to make a lot of noise regarding their product that would be considered good marketing.

They also believe that journalists and editors are simply waiting for their calls to begin eagerly wring about them.

In reality, both the above beliefs are wrong.

Editors and journalists mean business, they understand a completely different set of communication which, being an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t know.

Where PR agency is good with engaging customers and clients, it is equally adept at engaging newspaper personnel whose words matter the most.

The other aspect is the language being used to convey the message about your business. Again, being a business person, this is not your department.

You need assistance from people who are really good at this thing. A PR agency has highly trained and experienced writers who can not only create content for traditional media, but also for social media and other platforms available on the internet.

Increasing Your Return on Investment

The bottom line matters for most businesses, but for startups, it matters the most.

Most people believe that the final figure on your income statement constitutes your bottom line. However, in reality, it is a mixture of your monetary returns, your business’s level of engagement on social media platforms, the traffic that is generated towards your site, and the level of trust your staff can generate among your customers.

Return on investment is a continuous process. It is built over time, and its benefits are reaped on a continuous basis.

It is part of the marathon you have chosen to run, and a PR agency is the one that helps you all along the way.


A PR Agency is equipoised with all the tools that you need in order to survive the cutthroat market.

You may think that PR agencies are for big companies that sell in millions, and make profits in the same digit numbers. This is not the case. No one needs a PR agency more than a startup since it has just entered the market, and needs a push to get along.

The PR agency will provide you with that push, and keep pushing you until you have become truly successful.