Determining Whether Your Business Needs an Advertising Agency


As the sole global city of Australia, Sydney is a bustling center for start-ups and businesses alike. The city is home to a large pool of talent, making it an attractive place for start-ups, as evidenced by the explosion of micro businesses. It also has a strategic location, with its timezone overlapping with the working day in the US and Asian cities.

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Given the competitive landscape in the city, you must focus your +efforts on creating a competitive advantage or standing out to be noticed among all other competitors. While it is possible to handle this aspect of the business in-house, there are cases when you may need to get the help of an advertising agency in Sydney.

Advertising agencies, particularly those that specialize in digital marketing, have grown in popularity recently because of the rise of the Internet. With the rise of several digital marketing strategies that each require technical skills, you can benefit from hiring an agency that knows how to execute such methods. Similarly, by having professionals handle all the necessary promotions, you can focus on the core operations of your business.

Evaluate Current Marketing Strategy

 Before anything else, start by evaluating your company’s current marketing strategy and determine whether it is useful. Look at some of your important metrics, such as sales or the number of customers that hear about your company, to get an idea. Proper advertising entails that your target audience understands your message, so if you feel that you are unable to deliver it creatively or effectively, then you may want to consider hiring an advertising agency in Sydney.

Another thing that you should factor in your decision is whether you have the resources to improve your current strategy. Digital marketing, for instance, continues to innovate over time, so you have to think about whether your department has the expertise to implement such techniques. If not, then it may be a good idea to hire an advertising agency to help you with this aspect.

Consider the Cost

After evaluating your marketing strategy, assess the costs of hiring an advertising agency, and determine whether you can afford the expenses. Try to compare the expected cost to your current marketing expenses and see which option will give you better value for your money. If, for instance, an advertising agency costs you more, but you expect to get a boost in customers, then the additional cost may be worth it in the long run.

Naturally, you still have to consider your current financial standing and see whether increasing your marketing expenses will be harmful to your business. Create financial projections to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of keeping your existing marketing or hiring an agency. Doing this can help you determine which option will lead to more returns for your business.

Assess Business Strategy

To help you make your decision, you can also look at your current business plans and see whether a boost in your advertising will be helpful. For example, if you are planning to release a new product or service soon, then you may need to plan a strong marketing strategy for its launch. Getting an advertising agency in Sydney to help you do this may be beneficial since agencies have access to more resources and expertise.

Similarly, it may also help to hire an advertising agency if you plan to make significant changes such as expansion or re-branding. These steps will typically need a full-blown marketing campaign to ensure you retain your customers and acquire new ones. Thus, getting an agency to do the promotional work can help you focus on the changes the business will undergo.