The past year has shown us some pretty cool methods on how to launch and promote a successful brand by using smart selling strategies. Still, trends in digital marketing are moving so rapidly that we are constantly at risk of losing the track and, due to the slightest omission, send our product back to the beginning.

To stay in a game, we need to follow new courses and create the most reliable strategy as soon as possible.

What Can Digital Marketing Offer Next

What Can Digital Marketing Offer Next?

The first task among marketers is to improve the existing tools that we had the opportunity to use in 2019, like voice searching, vlog marketing, or personal AI assistants. But we also need to be prepared for some entirely new directions in those fields that 2020 brings.

With the New Year’s resolution on more successful businesses, every individual or organization involved in marketing should pay more attention to the following aspects:

  1. Being More Predictive

Predictive analytics is an innovative technology that can be useful in making a good business strategy. Marketing experts from use existing data about consumers to create patterns based on their behavior and arguments to purchase particular goods or services. Furthermore, it can help marketers to predict the future position of one brand in the market and prevent unwanted events.

  1. Boosting SEO by Using Richer Snippets

Google will put more effort into introducing the so-called “Schema Markup” as a critical focus in SEO. By using more abundant and “visual search” snippets, users are expected to reach the searching results and desired websites more quickly.

  1. Social Media Shopping

More than half of the profiles we follow on social networks are not people but brands. Even if we have already been browsing different goods or services on Instagram for the last couple of years, in 2020, the goal is to increase this trend and make it possible to purchase more products directly from the posts.

  1. Finding Potential Buyers on Messenger

Several billion people are using different apps to communicate every day. In the following period, experts recommend businesses to introduce Viber, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger in their customer services and create a particular channel with users and potential consumers.

With the new API capabilities, it is now possible not only to use similar apps for business purposes but also to include chatbots to interact more effectively with consumers.

  1. Voice-Based Search

We already met virtual assistants that can answer questions and perform particular actions on our voice commands. But, why should we limit such advanced technology on playing songs we like, if it can be implemented in more compact fields, such as online marketing?

For example, a voice search could allow buyers to explore the virtual marketplace more efficiently.

  1. Middle-Level Influence

Being an influencer is a profitable business. Yet, using famous social media icons as a channel to promote your products can be quite an expensive tool.

For that reason, many brands in 2020 could focus on smaller or average influencers who have “more organic” contact with consumers and whose profiles are not contaminated by large sponsorship’s. That’s why marketers opt for a smaller audience but also significantly more effective digital marketing tools.

  1. Sending Dynamic and Interactive Emails

Email is still one of the most trusted forms of communication with consumers. That is why next year could introduce a bit of freshness into the emailing by adding interactive content that will stimulate consumption and purchase directly from email messages.

Plain emails can be turned into beautifully designed pages, with stylized buttons and content that can be just as fun and useful to the recipient.

  1. Start Analyzing Feelings in 2020

Facebook has already expanded the range of reactions you can state regarding particular content by adding a few more emojis beside thumbs up. The new year could bring about similar changes in the field of digital marketing, with the aim of a better understanding of consumers’ feelings and receive more useful feedback about the product.

It is not enough to know if customers like your brand. It is also essential to find their reasons why they buy it or ignore it. By introducing this type of analysis, you can get more relevant answers necessary for the right marketing strategy in the future.

  1. More Space For Alternative Platforms

Giant social media communities like Twitter or Facebook will probably remain the most visited and used platform in the following year.

Still, it might be a good time to focus on lesser-known social media places that offer many advertising and digital marketing choices that don’t exist on mainstream networks anymore but can be quite useful.

  1. More Vlogging

It seems like the entire science is evolving around this type of video communication. Regardless of you consider it an amateurish or wise choice, vlogging will take its significant position in online marketing very soon.

It is a very personalized form of advertising, where a vlogger speaks directly to his watchers. Those videos look realistic and un-edited. Moreover, they are often live-streamed, which connects users and a vlogger on a more personal level.

As vlogging continues to carve out its niche, understanding the business side becomes crucial. For those curious about turning their passion into profit, learn more about YouTube monetization requirements to navigate the financial aspects of content creation effectively.

  1. Welcome Generation Z

Children born in the new millennium are becoming adults who make up a considerable portion of today’s consumers. Not only that our products must be adapted to their conditions, but their marketing arrangements must follow new trends and young peoples’ requirements.

The generation we welcome to the adult world has a great sense of humor; it is creative and cultivates diversity. At the same time, the members of the Z — gen do not tolerate fraud. They demand transparency and complete protection of privacy.

To Summarize

We could say that 2020 is a promising year. Still, there is a lot of work that has to be done. Adapting marketing tools to all mentioned market features could keep any brand at a satisfactory level. Moreover, it can increase the number of new users by meeting a whole new community that is ready to take over the leadership of the consumer’s world.