Many business branches in the world are still focusing their marketing effort through conventional marketing channels like TV, billboards, newspaper ads, etc. Even though we’re already in 2020, these businesses rely on marketing methods they’re used to from long before. Still, according to social media agency Dubai, one business sector is changing its view towards a more modern marketing method – digital marketing.

The New Age Development

Across the UAE, builders and property development companies are finally realizing that they’ll have much better chances to promote their accomplishments and buildings for sale through digital marketing channels than through traditional ones. Thus, numerous companies from the UAE began to advertise using digital marketing advertising methods.

The New Age Development

Property developers realized that more and more home buyers across the world prefer to look around their potential home via various online methods like video streams, pictures, etc. than to physically walk from one place to another for a tour. Find more details about the topic here:

According to social media companies in Dubai, there are both positive and somewhat negative views regarding this method.


  • People can easily visit the home they’re looking to buy simply by going online to a live video stream or a recorded video. They can go through all the rooms, check all the details they’re interested in, etc.
  • Home buyers will save a lot of time and energy.
  • Property development companies will benefit significantly from this method since a lot of people can see the one video they’ve made. There’s no need for appointments, visits, etc.
  • It’s a much more convenient method than any other so far.


  • Homebuyers won’t be able to notice all the little things, materials used, etc. It’s a lot different when you’re physically in the house and when you’re watching a recording.
  • Property development companies need to invest in digital marketing strategies.
  • People will miss the opportunity to stay in their potential new home. Feeling the energy that flows through the space is essential, and all that is impossible through live streaming.
  • Homebuyers won’t be able to notice any excessive lighting or noise through a video recording.

Builders Are Forming Alliances With Digital Companies

Property developers are hiring professional digital marketing agencies as well as social media companies in Dubai to come up with a perfect strategy to promote their buildings for sale. These companies discovered that people nowadays prefer to search for their new homes online rather than wasting time on scheduling private tours. Every social media UAE agency knows how relevant digital advertising is to everyone, especially to companies that never used this form of advertising.

Builders Are Forming Alliances

Digital Builders

Property development companies will hire any reputable social media agency UAE to help them create a marketing strategy that will help them promote and sell the apartments that they’ve built. Social media marketers will use everything at their disposal from Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and many other ways of promoting their clients’ products. Since people today would rather opt-out for collecting information from the online sources and platforms, that’s what companies have to provide them with.

Results Speak For Themselves

Many development companies found out that advertising their homes for sale through digital marketing advertising channels helped them raise their sales by more than 20% in the first year. The numbers are increasing each year, but also with every new digital method that appears and which can be implemented as something unique to present to potential buyers. A decade or two ago, pictures were the leading digital format available on the websites. Today, video recordings are the most important format, but photographs and other media formats are also contributing to these numbers.

The Digital Media Precision Approach

With accuracy, timing, and precision, the property owner, in collaboration with social media company UAE, can get fantastic results since they could target a specific audience based on their precise geolocation, adequate incomes, the buyers’ employment in a particular industry, etc. With this high precision targeting, your company will achieve more significant website traffic, higher ad responses, and more substantial email lists. There are many more benefits that will further help them develop a precise strategy on how to involve interested buyers in buying the property.

Property Owners Need Good Content Marketing As Well

If your building company wants to attract potential buyers to their website or social media pages, they need adequate content to provide. The content can be in the form of pictures or videos or even written content. We’re all aware that content has the highest impact on the target audience, and because of useful content, your sales can skyrocket.

Let’s Wrap Up

Property owners, builders her building companies that are trying to advertise their business through digital marketing are on the verge of tremendous success by doing so. Like any other business today, the success lies between an investment and a good marketing campaign.