How Online Sportsbooks are So Good at Marketing? – Every business should be thinking carefully about their marketing strategy. This is a way to get your name known in your particular sector – and in the wider world – and it should not be left to luck and chance. Marketing should be at the forefront of any business. But some do it better than others.

One of the most successful industries, as far as marketing goes, is the gambling sector. In particular, online sportsbooks have led the way since the easing of regulations in 2018, in getting their brand’s name out there. If you read a BetNow sportsbook review, for example, you will learn what the site is like. But you probably already have a good idea from an effective marketing campaign.

Obviously, not all businesses are like online sportsbooks. But the way that these sportsbooks market themselves should be a lesson to all. Sports betting is one of the most successful sectors around today and a big reason for that is the way that they aggressively position themselves in their market. Here are some of the things to learn from the way sportsbooks approach marketing.

Social Media

You won’t need to be told that any business needs to have a good social media presence. Sportsbooks tend to cover all bases when it comes to social media platforms but most companies can do some quick and effective research into which platforms work best for their customers and potential customers.

Social media can be used for sharing all kinds of information with followers. By using engaging hashtags and inviting those followers to interact with the sportsbook, they are creating a sense of community. Being able to be made to feel part of something is important and something that sportsbooks are very good at.


This may be an easier strategy to use for sportsbooks, considering the type of business they are selling, but offering promotions and giveaways is always a good way to get a potential customer base on side. There are not many people who can turn down an offer that seems too good to be true.

Depending on your business sector, you should be careful about offering too many promotions. In the sports betting world, quantity is important but other industries may make a business seem cheaper for constantly offering promotions. Research your own sector and amend your marketing strategy accordingly.

Captivating Content

As with many successful aspects of online sportsbooks marketing, it could be argued that that sector is fortunate to have what is widely considered to be a popular and interesting subject matter to work with. But you have to remember that this is one of the most competitive industries around.

Even if your industry would not be considered as “interesting”, there is still a need to create engaging content. Your potential customers should be interested in reading about subjects to do with your company, so you can still produce content that will be effective. There is also no law to say that your content needs to be wholly work-related – the idea here is to get people to read and visit your site.

Influencer and Celebrity Endorsement

Everything is relative. You may not be able to attract – or pay for – a Super Bowl-winning quarterback to endorse your business or product. But you can still work at an appropriate level and budget. Getting recognizable faces to promote businesses can make a lot of difference.

Sportsbooks obviously have the pick of sports celebrities to approach and use for their marketing. But there are influencers in almost every industry these days. Research your own to see who is attracting the most followers on social media and then approach them to see if you can work together.

Email Marketing and Keeping in Contact

This is one marketing strategy that can be a little tricky to get right. Send too many emails and you will be deemed annoying. It might also be difficult to be as personal as you would like with a blanket email to your mailing list. However, sportsbooks have shown that a well-researched email marketing campaign can be very successful.

Obviously, you will need the email addresses of the people you are reaching out to. But there are ways to make your emails more personal these days and a number of tools and programs are available to help with this. You can tailor your emails anyway you like to get the best feedback and increased custom.

Research and planning any marketing strategy is key


This is an idea for the more tech-minded businesses out there. However, it is a valuable tool in getting more information and engaging content to a wider audience. Again, sportsbooks have an advantage with the subject matter – and also the celebrity endorsements we were talking about earlier. But podcasts can be considered by any business sector.

The technology side of this strategy is very important though. With so many podcasts competing for listeners, no one wants to hear a poorly produced podcast, no matter how captivating the content is. If you do think podcasting is a good way to go, you need to invest and do it properly.

Programmatic Advertising

This is a marketing strategy that online sportsbooks have really started to use well in recent years, with the rise of AI. Programmatic advertising takes a lot of the work of targeting your marketing out of the equation. This dynamic technique of placing ads has been very successful – and could be for your business.

By programming your potential customers’ interests and preferences, your ads will be placed in the best place on websites and apps that they visit. This new way of targeted marketing can be a very effective way of growing business.