Your website has different moving parts like front-end or back-end code, servers it is hosted on, content (encompassing images, videos, etc.), third-party widgets (such as marketing tracker; social media integration, etc.), and so on. Any of these things can change unpredictably and have a big impact on your website performance and your webpage load time.

Hence, you must use a website checker tool to monitor your pages from time to time because its performance can alter due to any of these factors. It is best if you know about it before your users or visitors complain or lose potential leads.

Many retailers have lost huge amounts of revenue just by taking a second longer in page load. Moreover, it has been seen that around 79% of users are less likely to buy again from a website if they are disappointed with its performance. Your customers can often be somewhat vocal about your slow performing website on social media platforms, too.

Hence, even if your website is slow without heavy traffic, you have a problem that you should be practical about.

What Do You Mean by a Website Analysis?

What Do You Mean by a Website Analysis?

A website analysis is generally a series of tests and checkpoints to determine if your website is performing in the best manner. It is just like a health diagnosis when you go for an annual check-up at your doctor’s clinic. Your health professional may check your weight, blood pressure, and perform a blood test to determine if you have any illnesses.

In the same way, you should analyze your website for fast performance, conversion, lead generation, and more traffic. For instance, your HTML code should have no errors. You must use keywords properly, structure the layout well, ensure that your website is easy to navigate, images are optimized, confirm that alt tags and meta tags have proper descriptions, have no broken links, and your website’s speed and performance are impeccable.

Once you use a web checker tool to analyze and check your web pages, you will know the gaps they may have. Accordingly, you can get the best solution for any technical issues or glitches it may be facing.

Sometimes, you may be thinking that nothing is wrong with your website. The design is stunning, and it does the job. But, if you look deep inside with a tool, there can be several problems you may know nothing about.

Checking Your Website Performance is a Must 

Since websites have become increasingly essential for businesses and end-users depend heavily on the internet for their work or pleasure, it is crucial that you check and monitor your website.

Moreover, once you do a proper website check, you can be assured that your website is not only up and running but is also working in the best way possible. Your website needs to be dependable and always available for an improved end-user experience.

Similarly, this dependability is also critical for your website if your website offers goods and services for smoother transactions like electronic payments, ordering, and checkouts. To keep an eye on all the areas of your website, you must use a website checker tool that is suitable for your business needs.

Your Website’s Loading Speed Can Be an Issue

Your users must have options when it comes to navigating the content on the web. Here, if you have a slow website, it will make them frustrated. The quicker and more responsive your website is, the more your customers or users will be engaged and focused on your content. After all, nobody likes to wait a long time for scripts and images to load.

Another reason that you should be concerned about your website speed is SEO. Google announced they use page speed in their ranking algorithm for good results for the users. It means the better your site performs, the higher it will get ranked in the search engine results.

So, if you use a web checker analysis tool, it will show you at which rank your website stands and what keywords are powerful to achieve that optimal ranking in the search engines. You can accordingly manage the performance of your website and ensure that your website does not lack anywhere.


If you feel that your potential customers and the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and so on can find your business without any problem, you must think again. It is time you use a website checker tool and find out where your website stands and what you should do to ensure it performs flawlessly.