The internet is a vast place for advertising on different social media, and we can feed it as much content as we can imagine. As more and more cloud-based software companies recognize the ardent need of digital space and the earning potential behind it, there are more and more companies making a move into this business space.

As more companies move into the ‘web services’ business model, the sheer competition drives down costs, and these businesses see digital space as an entity, they sell both to other businesses and individuals alike. The far and wide use of these marketing techniques, coupled with the extensive use of digital platforms, making them the new and effective business model being accepted all over the world.

Choose The Right Marketing Channel

Social Media and Influencers

In a world where influencers and the like gather huge numbers of followers and go on to further market their accounts and monetize them based on how many people they reach out to, you could make something as simple as an office party – a useful marketing tool!

Can Anybody be a Social Media Influencer? 

With the right tools, absolutely! After all, what else does it take? Creating an account and uploading a video, right? – But, there are hordes of people that have realized this opportunity and have jumped onto the bandwagon. So, in a digital world cluttered full of people that would like to sell their content in forms of – photos, videos, written scripts, audio (podcasts), and many more ways, how do you differentiate yourself and market what you want to? It’s very common to use Twitter automation tools, Facebook automation tools or other tools for different platforms to increase the online visibility. Well, as a digital entity, you need to create your image, and this can be done by branding – creating videos, logos, using colors that differentiate your digital identity from others.

More Content is Being Consumed

Speaking from a social media standpoint, as more and more people get access to cheap internet, more content will be consumed. This creates a shadow demand for content – one that the public has not realized yet, but it exists nonetheless. This has created a huge opportunity for people to reach out to specific types of people and get more effective results through targeted demographics. The trick is to understand how to use these platforms to your benefit.

How to Capitalize? 

Well, social media influencing is mostly about understanding the dynamics of demographics and how to approach them. The first one to consider is the channel through which your content will be broadcasted.

Choose The Right  Marketing Channel

Now, to market any kind of product or service or event for that matter, you must target the right kind of audience. Once you have identified the target audience, you can choose the right social media planner to target the audience you have in mind.

For example – for a strictly b2b event like a fundraiser, you should use LinkedIn. At the same time, for something like a concert, you are better off using Instagram or Facebook, for news related or real-time updates, you could use the Live feature of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Different Channels Require Different Approaches

Using different social media channels requires different approaches and, consequently, different marketing strategies that need to be implemented. With each social media platform offering different forms of content consumption, you must optimize your marketing campaign accordingly.

Use the Right Tools

Now that you have a channel to tap into specific demographics, you just need the right tools to present your content to them. With photos and videos, it is easy to enhance the effects of the same with the help of software tools provided by InVideo – that offers tools and techniques and even gives a chance for you to learn how to make a video with photos and music.

The most consumed form of content in the world, being photos and videos, need a lot of editing to make it look appealing. This ardent need for pictures and videos makes Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube the frontrunners in the digital marketing domain, offering digital space for use to businesses and individuals alike.

The Basic tip to Being Successful on Social Media Platforms? Consistency!

Posting regularly (whether photos or videos) triggers the algorithm into recognizing your account as an active contributor, and this could push your profile up on searches and thus help you reach a much wider audience continuously.

Social Media and Demographics –

Different social media channels appeal to different age groups and types of humans. For example, Instagram – the photo and video sharing app that was created and launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010, has become increasingly popular. With a huge audience and recurring users, the app has a wide consumer database to reach out to. The app is making waves in the content marketing space as everyone from celebrities to influencers make use of this platform to connect with and spread the news of daily events.

Reach and impact-

Instagram has a wide reach, but considering its presence in the market and the type of content it portrays, it is safe to say that the platform gathers a huge following from the younger generation. Credited as the app that sets trends, it has a strong influence over the younger generation through photos and videos – which make it easier to market a product to the users. Since the application is continuously running, there are more chances to hit the right chord.

Advertising on Instagram

So, how much does advertising on Instagram cost? Well, depending on how you want to market your product. Whether you want a pay per click advertising service. Or you just want to get people to visit your website, you can choose a marketing plan. The average marketing campaign on Instagram will cost you anything between $ 0.20 – $ 6.70.

Using Facebook to Reach Out to Wide Audiences

The brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg and his college dorm roommates. This was the social media platform before all social media platforms. This application that started as a profile sharing app. Now houses data of more than 2 Billion users around the world.

What Enables Facebook to be Sought After for Advertising Purposes?

Facebook offers a great variety of demographics to target. With specific parameters, Facebook is more effective at reaching out to specific types of people.

Facebook is also known as the complete platform because it collects more information on its users. As compared to its peer apps – for example, Facebook has features like updating relationship statuses and virtual check-ins to places that give them your whereabouts. This means that as a marketer trying to buy target demographic marketing services. Facebook will be able to offer great levels of specification.

Advertising on Facebook –

With Facebook being one of the most specific advertising platforms. They were able to capture all-around data since they have been in the market before. The digital revolution started threatening the privacy of individuals. This has given them unprecedented access and permissions provided by users themselves to access their information. And sell to businesses and individuals under the pretense of demographic research.

The average Facebook marketing campaign can reach out to at least 1000 people and cost you around the $ 0.97 to $ 7.19 range on the type of campaign and demographics you choose.


Using digital tools and techniques to reach out to specific demographics has become vital. To reduce costs and reach the right people effectively. Since the target audience is provided to us by social media companies. How we present our content is in our hands. InVideo provides easy solutions to optimizing content to be posted online and thus make the desired impact on viewers.