How To Choose WordPress Theme For Startup?

If you have a Canadian startup right now, one of the first things you must put out is a great business website. Your website isn’t just a way for potential investors or customers to get to know you but is also a key tool in helping you build your brand in the long run.

Most startups in Canada try to keep overhead costs low, as they need most of their funds to spur growth. That’s one of the motives why you should take advantage of WordPress to launch your website and keep your spending low.

Guest author Kevin Cochran shares with us key tips that will help you make a quality decision when it comes to choosing a great WordPress theme for your startup. To find out more about Kevin Cochran, visit his page.

Why WordPress

Why WordPress

WordPress is an easy website builder that even those with no programming backgrounds will find easy to learn and use. It is no surprise that WordPress is consistently among the top choices for startup websites.

There are countless free WordPress themes for startups available once you register a domain name and arrange for web hosting. Once you get past this initial hump, you’ll now have to begin building your WordPress-powered website. Picking the best free WordPress themes for business can be a difficult decision.

As there is no perfect answer for every situation, this article will highlight five of our favourite WordPress themes – you can try them out for yourself, or take them as a launch pad for your own ideas.

Canada has witnessed in recent years an influx of online casinos that rely on WordPress in more ways than one. If you are a Canadian entrepreneur looking to launch an online casino and want to see free WordPress themes for startups, check out Unique Casino to get an idea of design and layout.


If your startup revolves around the gambling industry, you should definitely consider the Coinflip theme – which is our pick for the best WordPress gambling theme.

The theme is geared especially for casino affiliate blogs in Canada. It’s an excellent theme for startups that work with online casinos, review online casinos, or redirect traffic to specific casinos. You can also use the theme to cover casino news or forums where users can interact with each other.

Coinflip is a minimalist theme that gives you a professional-looking website in a flash. The theme is also easily customizable if you find your business expanding. Though there are lots of free WordPress casino themes out there, what Coinflip offers is an easy to set up but a powerful theme that can grow alongside your business.


The Astra theme works especially well for startups in the retail business. Its elegant, understated design fits perfectly with the Instagram aesthetic, allowing for easy integration between your social media pages and your professional website.

While using Astra as is would be a serviceable option in most cases, the theme is also easy to modify. Even tech-averse users won’t find it difficult to change the different aspects of the theme – you can easily edit the font, colours, footers, and headers to your exact specifications.

Astra is also compatible with page builders like WPBakery and Elementor, which can be useful for advanced users who want to customize their websites even more.


OceanWP is an excellent choice for startups that require interactive websites. The theme is quite intuitive to use, with lots of layout options for whatever kind of website you want.

OceanWP can also be customized to your needs. It’s easy to add features to this theme. You can also use OceanWP seamlessly with page builders to help you set up a website from scratch in around 10 minutes.


The Ultra theme is a personal favourite of ours. What’s most remarkable about this theme is its user-friendliness, due to its inclusion of Themify Builder.

You don’t need to distinguish much about coding to build your website with Ultra; you can simply drag and drop the different basics of your page exactly where you want them to appear.

Ultra is an especially great option for startups that expect to get lots of traffic from mobile devices, as the theme supports a responsive design that helps your website appear as it should on whatever mobile device your customer is using.

Breakthrough Pro

Breakthrough Pro

If you have roughly money to spare, you should take a look at Breakthrough Pro, which is classified as a premium theme by WordPress.

Startups will enjoy the ability of this theme to layout complex information in easy to digest parts with its elegant, minimalist design and colour palettes.

Breakthrough Pro is especially useful for startups that offer services, as this theme can present information about your services, clients, and rates in a professional and engaging way.


We are confident that these five WP themes will help you make a final decision in your search for top WordPress themes for your startup business.