Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a popular topic in the marketing world. The SEO industry has managed to grow to over $80 billion in 2021 despite the global pandemic. It is steadily growing each day with a large variety of positions and opportunities available. SEO has become an extremely valued skill as businesses become more reliant on the Internet. If you are looking to shift towards marketing, advertising, and e-commerce in your career path, learning SEO can be a strategic move.

It is Easy (and Usually Free!) to Learn

Since SEO is a fairly new concept, there are no majors or degrees associated with it. Most SEO specialists majored in something else and learned SEO as the eCommerce world began to grow. This means anyone can be an SEO specialist. If you are looking to stand out, there are numerous SEO certifications on the Internet that can both help you learn about the topic and show potential employers your expertise. Great examples of these types of certifications include UC Davis Search Engine Optimization Certificate and Google Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals. Both certifications are available on Coursera.

SEO is about knowing how Google works and has laid the groundwork for many new and innovative marketing practices. Understanding Google’s algorithm takes time and patience, but it is not an impossible field. The Internet analyzes and ranks searches, and SEO is learning how to optimize your site and page to raise the ranks. SEO specialists primarily work on gaming the algorithms. There are many types of SEO that can be confusing, but there are also a lot of online resources that can teach you what you need to know.

It Has Many Career Opportunities

The job market is incredibly fierce, and it can seem difficult to stand out. Detroit Internet Marketing, an SEO agency in Detroit, believes that SEO is highly applicable to many companies making it a highly sought-after talent. Being well versed in SEO is certainly a resume booster, and its wide application makes it a worthwhile skill. Some jobs you could pursue in SEO include:

Business Marketing Consultant (Average Pay: $53,000)

A common entry-level job in the SEO field is being a business marketing consultant. What a consultant does can vary greatly between companies, but generally, they all deal with public relations and help their clients with their business. Consultants are expect to understand the market, a client’s business, and how SEO can help their client’s business succeed. Consultants will have to be well versed in the niche or willing to study the industry. In addition, improvements and plans for social media will often derive from the consultant. It expected for consultants to plan marketing campaigns (both in traditional advertising and social media). The success of their campaigns should also be personally analyzed and reflect upon before proceeding with new ones.

Digital Marketer (Average Pay:$61,000)

Digital markets have a deep understanding of the digital channels that consumers use. They are experts in utilizing SEO to game said channels. Their primary role is to raise brand awareness and promote the company’s product or service. It is a role with many responsibilities, including the planning and strategizing of content for their company’s brand. Digital media channels are constantly evolving, so digital marketers have to make it their priority to be inform on current trends. In addition to social media marketing, digital marketers are in charge of email marketing, inbound marketing, and public relations.

SEO Manager (Average Pay: $73,000)

SEO Managers have typically been in the SEO game for longer than the prior positions. And also, Digital marketing is essential for business survival, and SEO managers are experts at marketing. They are highly regard in their field as they often command a team of SEO experts on the best strategy for the brand. SEO Managers are decisive, forward-thinking, and observant. They are expected to know the best way to drive traffic, gain users and hold successful marketing campaigns. It is a technologically driven role that specializes in the optimization and analysis of marketing trends. Being an SEO manager requires extensive marketing training and experience that have also led to great results.

SEO is a Great Career Choice

SEO is challenging, engaging, and financially rewarding. The SEO industry will continue to grow in value, which means positions and companies are readily adding experts to their teams. It can be a lucrative career choice with a clear path if pursued correctly. The digital world is continuing to grow daily, and being part of the SEO industry will mean you are part of the growth.