Why You Should Invest In Your Employees – Finding good, hardworking, honest, and loyal employees can be hard, so once you have found them, you don’t want to lose them, so business owners need to think about what they are going to do to keep them, and most importantly, keep them happy. Your business depends on employees, and if they jump ship and move, perhaps to a competitor, how would you replace them, and how much would it cost? If you are happy with your current workforce, then you need to make it known to them that you value and appreciate them and that you want to keep them happy. To do that, there are a few employee benefits you can offer.


Everyone loves to save money, and everyone loves a discount, especially if you are saving money on something you are already purchasing, and your employees are no different. If you can join forces with other local businesses to offer something of mutual benefit that will also benefit your employees too, why wouldn’t you? From clothing to health and beauty treatments, you will also be enhancing your relationships with local businesses.

Gift Cards

Whether this is because they have been superstar team players of the week, or because they have smashed their sales target, or maybe it is because it is their birthday, whatever the reason,everyone loves a gift card. Receiving gift cards makes people feel valued, appreciated, and respected, and these are all things you should be showing to loyal employees.

Gym and Spa Membership

Keeping fit, healthy, and happy all around is good for employee’s well-being and health. Employees that are happy and healthy are much more likely to work harder than unhappy employees who will just pick up their paycheck and go. Ultimately happy and healthy employees will take less time off work due to sickness or illness, and isn’t this what any employer is seeking. Less time off work will ensure consistency and alsosave on high costs for finding a temporary cover employee.


Keeping employees trained and educated will ensure that they thrive in their positions within the business and that they constantly strive to achieve more on behalf of the business. Studying an online mba no gmat will leave employees feeling knowledgeable, empowered, and ready to tackle new and increased responsibilities within your business. Education at any level is important, especially for those within your business that are looking to push forward with their careers.

Increased Time Off

This doesn’t have to be lots of extra time off, but it could just be something as simple as an extra day or two off around their birthday. Your employees would appreciate even an extra day here and there, possibly to see their child in a school play or visit an elderly relative, and in giving them much-needed time for themselves and their loved ones, you are showing them that you appreciate and care for them and their wellbeing.

Flexible-time or Flexible-hours

No doubt your employees have family, friends, and other commitments to attend to outside of working hours, so where you can, why not offer a few flexible hours. Hours that can be worked outside their normal hours, even potentially based from home (if this is suitable). Even just an hour every so often could help the employee out with anything from cutting down travel time to having a little bit of extra time with their kids.

Workplace Treats

Hold weekly or monthly goodie tables. Everyone is striving to be healthy, and although this is probably not the best thing to introduce too often, it might just perk up some employees when they need it the most. Encourage employees to bring in home-baked goodies to share with others, and promote that you are a fun and caring workplace at the same time.

Enhanced Health and Dental

Ensuring your employees’ healthcare packages are suitable for both them and their families is something that could mean the difference between them staying with you or seeking alternative employment elsewhere. Not every employee wants the same out of a healthcare package, so it is important to get input from as many employees as you can. If you get similar packages,then you can begin to negotiate better rates with medical providers.

It is worth noting that to hire somebody new, train them and get them used to your ways of working can be more troublesome than investing money, time and effort now into keeping a current employee happy and valued with your business.