Buying Corporate Gifts For These 4 Types Of Employees: An Essential Guide


Buying Corporate Gifts – Gifts are a great way to communicate your feelings of appreciation. And for a while, most companies have offered corporate gifts to their staff for different reasons. These gifts can either be for in-house or outsourced staff.

But regardless of the type of team member, it’s essential to put some effort into the gifts offered, especially since it’s a token of appreciation. So, consider finding reliable suppliers like MeowPrint Corporate Gifts to know your options and offer gifts as a form of a reward for their hard work.

And before dismissing corporate gifts as a waste of resources, below are some of the benefits it has for employees:

  • Gifting your employees can give them satisfaction and motivate them to work harder as they feel appreciated for their efforts.
  • Employees who feel appreciated tend to be more productive. Most employees enjoy working in an environment where they know their supervisors care and treat them the right way. And gift-giving can be a good way of showing your team member that you see and value their contribution to the team.
  • Every company tends to go through a rough period where employees feel tired and discouraged. Corporate gifts can play a role in boosting your team member’s morale as they feel valued.

So, with a lot to gain from corporate gifts for employees, finding quality gifts they can use can be a good place to start. Furthermore, considering the type of team member you are gifting can also help you find the right corporate gift to give.

With that, here’s a quick guide to different types of employees and how you can gift them effectively:

1. Full-Time Employees

Every company has team members with a permanent contract who works an average of forty hours weekly. These employees are more likely to stick with the company long-term and through thick and thin.

And for this loyalty, they deserve corporate gifts with more thought. To ensure that you get the right gift that makes your employees feel valued and appreciated, consider keeping the following in mind;

  • Make It Personal

Employees who are ready to stick with the company during hard times deserve worthy gifts. And one great way of making the corporate gift personal is by considering your team member’s personality. If possible, try to find a gift that reflects their persona, making it heartfelt.

  • Choose A Long-Lasting Gift

Long-lasting gifts can be a great option as they won’t be used once and forgotten. These gifts can make employees feel valued and highlight how long how they have been with the company. Some great long-lasting gift ideas to consider include watches.

  • Settle For A Practical Gift

Gifts that will end up collecting dust might not be a great option when gifting long-term employees. With that, you can opt for useful or practical gifts that your team member can use, such as power banks and gift cards or vouchers.

2. Part-Time Employees

Like full-time employees, their part-time counterparts have a similar contract with fewer hours. Depending on the type of company, part-time employees tend to work an average of twenty hours per week.

Unlike full-time employees who are likely to stay with the company long-term, part-time employees might choose to stay or leave for employment elsewhere. So, when buying them a gift, you need to consider the message you are sending.

In this case, you’ll need to avoid gifts that make other employees feel like you favor others. These shouldn’t also make part-time employees feel indebted to the company. Some things to consider when getting corporate gifts for part-time employees include the following;

  • Manage Your Budget

When trying to make a team member not feel indebted to the company, you can opt for gifts that don’t make a significant budgetary impact. Ideally, you’d want to avoid overspending from getting luxury items. With many affordable options available, you can stick to a realistic budget. Some great options include high-quality sunglasses or reusable tote bags.

  • Get A Thoughtful Gift

Even though you need to stick to a realistic budget, your gift still needs to communicate how much you care for your team member and your desire to make them feel appreciated. You can go for practical gifts with personal touches.

Get A Thoughtful Gift

3. Seasonal Or Temporary Employees

Most companies tend to experience high seasons where the workload tends to increase. As a result, these companies usually hire employees who will work for a determined time. Alternatively, temporary employees might be those who are employed for specific projects.

Having seasonal or temporary employees can help the company increase staffing without having to keep them on their payroll once the season dies. So, with the short-term setup, gifting tends to be much easier, as seen below;

  • Choose A Relatively Small Branded Gift

Since temporary employees don’t usually stay with the company for an extended period, it could be hard to understand what they love. As such, it may be best to keep your gift relatively small but branded. It doesn’t mean cheap and worthless options but rather something that reminds them of your company.

  • Go For A Subtle Gift

The branded gift doesn’t have to be loud; it can be subtle. Find ways of showcasing your brand in unique ways. You can also make it personal by including a thank you note to make the team member feel special.

  • Settle For Holiday Neutral Gift

When tempted to get a holiday-themed gift, try to avoid it as much as possible. With some employees not subscribing to holidays, it may be best to play it safe and avoid upsetting them.

4. Remote Employees

Team members working from home tend to struggle with being focused, working continuously, loneliness, and staying motivated. To ensure that these employees don’t lose morale, some companies have chosen to gift them. But giving gifts to remote employees comes with its challenges, especially with the distance. With that, consider the following during gifting;

  • Choose Digital Gifts

These gifts are bought online and are in digital format. Some great options are available as gifts and digital vouchers. These gifts don’t require traveling to deliver, making them easily accessible.

  • Go For Practical Gifts

One of the best items you can gift your remote employees is something they can use in their home office. It doesn’t have to be expensive or top-of-the-line equipment or supplies. As long as it’s durable and long-lasting, it’ll go a long way in improving their work-from-home experience.

  • Avoid Sending Perishable Items Or Food

Sending food such as baked goods might seem great, but you’ll need to know all the specific health risks of all your employees. Also, since this type of gift has to be delivered, you’d have to consider the expiration dates of the food you’ll be sending.


Everyone loves gifts, including employees. That said, buying corporate gifts for employees can be an excellent way of boosting their morale. However, with all the employees present in a company, it’s essential to understand how to gift each one. By gifting correctly, each team member will feel appreciated and cared for.