Marketing is all about finding ways to get your business in front of the correct demographics. One way to do that is to look into marketing your business in another language. If your product appeals to different cultures or could work in new regions, marketing in a foreign language could increase sales. However, it is inadvisable to translate marketing messages without using professional translation services. Human translation services can help the message land culturally in the new region. Below, we’ll look at how to use business translation services to grow your business.

The Role of Translation Services in Marketing

The Role of Translation Services in Marketing

One of the most important aspects of translating marketing messages is localization. So what is the difference between localization and translation services? According to Tomedes CEO Ofer Tirosh, translation services convert a source text from one language to another, while localization is a lengthier and more complicated process that takes a source text and converts it to a target language but in such a way that it fits in with the culture and sensibilities of the audience that speaks that particular language while keeping the core message intact. Interpretation, on the other hand, covers the conversion of spoken language, either in person or online.

Localization covers many different parts of a message, including:

  • Changing graphics to fit new regions
  • Updating content to fit the tastes and consumer habits of different markets
  • Adjusting layout to make sure it matches the newly translated text
  • Changing items like address formats, currency symbols, phone number layouts, dates, and measurements to match the new market
  • Making sure the message or product meets local regulation standards, such as privacy laws

In short, if you’re marketing in a new region, there are many moving parts for you to handle. Many of these are elements that professional human translation services can help you address.

Marketing Translation Services for Social Media

One of the most significant changes to the marketing world in recent years is the rise of social media. According to a social customer service survey, consumers are likely to spend 21% more if they receive good customer service via social media.

Meanwhile, 80% of companies online say they deliver exceptional social media customer service, but just 8% of customers agree. So, while interacting with customers via social media can boost sales, few companies really know if they’re doing it well.

That’s where marketing translation services can help.  Many language translation services or independent human translators also provide social media translation services online. Visit for fast, accurate, and affordable marketing translation services.

Social media marketing is a complicated field since there are so many different platforms, each with their own rules and ways to post. For instance, Instagram is an image-heavy platform, while Twitter is text-focused. Some platforms allow for longer and more engaging posts and some want micro-posts.

Since social media is a very direct and informal way of communicating, human translation services are a must. Whether you need French translation services, Spanish translation services or translation services from Chinese to English to connect with your customers, machine translation just won’t cut it. Don’t rely on automated social media site translations if you want to ensure your message is delivered as intended!

Social media marketing translation services can ensure a message stays the same across multiple social media platforms, while not offending local cultures and keeping regional social media use habits in mind. For instance, since there is a Facebook ban in China, regional websites like Sina Weibo and Renren fulfill a similar role.

Human Translation Services for Advertising

As much as social media has dominated the communication landscape, a large part of marketing still lies with traditional ads and other marketing materials. That’s why marketing translation services cover:

  • Ad content: in print, online, or video
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Sales letters
  • Catalogs
  • Digital content like eCommerce sites and landing pages
  • Case studies
  • Business cards

You can find document translation services for any type of advertising or marketing document you need.

Marketing translation services are especially important for fitting a message into a new culture. Marketing tends to rely on heavily figurative language. It’s common to see ads with metaphors, humor that’s culturally specific, references to local events, and idioms. Often, these messages can be hard to translate.

For instance, many idioms don’t translate well between cultures. The infamous “there is no cow on the ice” that translates into English from Swedish means “don’t worry”. Another example is that some ads make use of a sports personality who is only popular in the original region. An ad may also make humorous references to political happenings in a certain country. Marketing translation services take all of these cultural background aspects into account when translating a message so that the advertising content will culturally fit the new region.

If you’re in need of localization services or marketing document translation services, then head for your nearest search engine. Whether you start with the classic translation services near me, for example by searching for translation services in London (if you’re based there) or choose to use an agency overseas, be sure to opt for human translators.

Digital services will certainly appear cheaper and easier. These services may look appealing, especially if your priority is: how much does it cost to translate a document? But bear in mind that no digital translation app is 100% accurate, and apps cannot address the cultural nuances that makeup marketing messages. Human translation services are your best bet when it comes to professional translation, especially as it relates to marketing messages.