Talent Acquisition Strategies – Your Small Business’ Secret Weapon!


Rare is the time when we hear about quarterly earnings, profits, new product launches, and other achievements of small businesses. The focus is always on the large corporations, their scandals, taxes, success, and what’s not. But, if you dive deep, you will come to know that small business is the driving force for the economic growth of many countries. In fact, only in the United States, 99.9% of businesses have less than 500 employees.

Talent Acquisition Strategies Your Small Business Secret Weapon

Furthermore, irrespective of the size and the number of employees they have, small businesses keep on tweaking their businesses to bring change and improvement. But, when it comes to having the best talent, they feel at a disadvantage.

Although they knew that their recruitment process needs alterations, they keep their attention to other areas of the business, thereby neglecting the need to hire the best talent. That’s when a talent acquisition strategy becomes optimal.

A talent acquisition strategy can help you find the best and raw talent to accomplish your business goals. Here’s how it can help:

Aligning Strategies With Business Goals:

Before heading to find the right talent, it is very important to know what your company needs, what are your organization’s best strategies and the type of talent that can best support them. Let’s say- you are planning to expand your software development department, then hiring engineers and developers can be the best decision.

Likewise, if you are planning to expand overseas, hiring people with international experience is what you would need. So, outline what’s more important to your company and then pick the right talent.

Post To The Right Channel:

In choosing the right talent, make sure you reach the right place. Although there are multiple channels to which you can reach for the potential candidates, not all job seekers are active on all channels. So, keep a check on whether or not you are posting on the right platform.

Don’t Rush To Fill Job Openings:

Rushing to fill all job openings will create a sense of urgency that you are in a dire need to get your position filled. While it may relieve you from short-term pain, it can have other long term consequences. So, stay calm and resist the urge. If hiring takes a long time, keep in mind that holding to get the right talent will give more benefits.

Work On Building Your Company’s Brand:

Putting effort into building a company’s reputation will give a serious payoff. This can be done by ensuring that when an employee leaves a company, they would have good things or reviews to say. Another great way to keep things fresh is by regularly updating the content so that there would have been something new awaited for the candidates.

Employer Branding Can Help:

You can also be creative on how you showcase your employees and the company’s culture. At times, when candidates are comparing companies, they give preference to the one with good culture, best values, and better work-life. So, re-frame your brand, focus on showing the best aspects and values of your company.

Set Criteria:

Let’s accept it- when it comes to hiring a friend or a known person, we end up making emotional hiring. However, it can have grave repercussions on long term business, or you might end up with the wrong hire. So, put everyone on the same standard and set minimum criteria. Ask your HR team to let everyone accountable for meeting those standards.

Creating An Apprenticeship Program:

Internships are the best source for finding the right talent; they require low investment. So, be thoughtful of creating a talent acquisition strategy, make paid partnerships with other brands/schools and colleges and welcome new talent.

Reference Check and Pre-Employment Screening: 

Reference checks and background screening are one of the important principles of getting information about the potential candidates. It’s about delving into the applicant’s background  to gauge upon the performance and work abilities. You can conduct a background check by contacting former employers, supervisors, applicant’s, co-workers and other related people to get information about one’s skills, character and abilities.  

Lastly, talent acquisition is more like an investment to your business. Initially, it might look daunting; it will provide huge benefits in various other forms. And of course, if you are unsure of your own abilities or you have absolutely no time to study and select the best talents on your own, it will be useful for you to start delegating this process and let the hiring of employees offshore recruiting services.

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