Granite is one of the most beautiful and durable natural stones available. It’s perfect for everything from residential counter tops to unique civic monuments. Regardless of the scale of the project they’re about to undertake, buyers need to exercise caution when choosing a granite fabricator. Read on to find three tips for

Look for Ample Options

How to choose the right one to get the search started off on the right foot.

Look for Ample Options

One of the best things about granite is that every slab is completely unique. This natural stone is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. Some Granite Fabricators offer an extensive array of options, while others only have a few largely similar colors and patterns to choose from.

It’s equally important to find a supplier capable of providing granite for jobs of any size. Some companies focus exclusively on counter tops, gravestones, or other specialty items. Even buyers who are interested in purchasing these specialty items should look for a fabricator with experience supplying granite for more diverse clients. This diverse experience will ensure that the contractor can handle anything thrown his or her way.

Expect Excellent Customer Service

It’s not worth working with a supplier that won’t respond promptly to messages or address concerns as they come up before the sale. That usually means once the customer has made his or her purchase, the fabricator won’t be available to help in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

There are a few ways to tell in advance if a company offers exceptional customer service. Read through online reviews carefully, ask friends or colleagues who have used the same service about their experiences, and pay attention to the supplier’s communication style and strategies.

Call or visit the showroom to speak directly with a representative. He or she should take the customer’s questions and needs seriously and be willing and able to provide information about the company, the quarry, and industry standards.

Ask About Technology

Granite may be a natural material, but it takes a lot of work to cut and shape the slabs and give them a beautiful, weather-resistant finish. Fabricators that take advantage of the latest in stone cutting technologies will be able to create precision cuts and engravings quickly and efficiently. That’s good news for customers working on tight deadlines.

Keep in mind that the stone cutting technological requirements for creating a basic granite counter top are lower than those required to fashion elaborate memorials or architectural pieces. When in doubt about a fabricator’s capabilities, check out the website, ask to see finished projects, or request references from previous customers. Just make sure their projects were similar enough to facilitate an apples-to-apples comparison.

Working with a local supplier allows customers to visit the showroom in person to see what to expect, so look for someone in the area, if possible. Trusting a local expert also means there’s no need for transporting heavy granite stones across long distances, which makes the process more environmentally sustainable, as well.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right granite fabricator can feel like a difficult decision, but customers can find all the resources they need to determine what to expect online. Visit the company’s website, browse through their inventory, learn about their services, then check third-party review sites to see what previous customers think.