Most entrepreneurs initially start operating over a small scale; this may not come as a surprise, considering many start-ups would try to avoid the possibility of incurring any costs without knowing the potential of the business. Therefore, thanks to social media, myriad businesses launch their brand or services online. This saves the major cost of renting out or buying premises for official purposes, office supplies and then also having to worry about the interior and all that goes inside.

Office Supplies

However, what happens when businesses that were once small, actually start to expand and end up being successful? Costs tend to increase, and that includes office cost. It’s not just the office cost that needs to be taken into consideration but also the furniture and office equipment needed for the business to fully operate. A decent office also gives out a pleasant impression to your clients as it may be linked with portraying the quality of the brand you’re showcasing.

We must bear in mind that not all businesses can afford fancy furniture and supplies as it may be too much for the business to handle, especially after incurring such a huge cost. But for your company to continue its operations, there are basic pieces of office equipment you’ll need to ensure your office possesses, so production runs smoothly. If you’re new to this, you’ve come to the right place as you can also order online through different web portals like office supplies Australia.

Here are some essential office supplies you might need for your start-up. 

  1. Kitchen supplies 

8-10 hour long shifts and hectic office routines could mentally and physically exhaust your employees; therefore, it is best if you designate a certain small space in your office for a kitchenette. We’re not talking about building a 5-star kitchen where 3- course meals could be prepared. But anything that contains basic kitchen gadgets, crockery, and food items for your employees to freshen up throughout the day is just good enough. Your kitchenette should at least include:

  • Coffee maker – So employees could have their daily dose of caffeine to keep them productive and wide awake throughout the day.
  • Microwave– This will allow employees to reheat their food when it gets cold during lunch hour.
  • Basic Cutlery– This includes forks, knives, spoons, plates and drinking cups. You wouldn’t expect your workers to be bringing the above along with their lunch; therefore, for their ease, it’s essential that you must have these items in store. You can even opt for disposal cutlery.
  • Paper towels– for clean up purposes.
  • Food items– Keep a rack that contains instant coffee, tea, sugar, and milk, basically anything needed to make a classic cup of coffee/tea to get your day going. Ensure your employees stay hydrated by placing bottled water or water dispensers.
  1. Emergency

 In the unlikely event of an emergency such as a fire breaking out in your office building or anybody suffering from a minor injury, be sure to have basic fire safety kits and first aid at your dispense at all times. Keep fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire buckets at various approachable areas of the office. Make sure the emergency exit is well guided through and highlighted with signboards that can help you escape during any incidental occurrences. Have first aid kits that contain basic items such as band-aids, painkillers, surgical tape, blood pressure checker and other things that you might consider necessary depending on the kind of business you have and the hazards it may be exposed to. It’s also a good idea to have a few medical aid posters, such as how you could deal with a person in your office suffering from a heart attack before the paramedics arrive. Offices must have sufficient first aid equipment for their employees to respond proactively.

  1. Stationery 

In the era of technology and computers, as old fashioned as it may sound, it’s essential for almost every office desk to have basic stationery placed out. This includes Papers, paperclips, pencils, mail supplies, pens, letterheads, highlighters and other forms of stationery that you may need depending on the job given. Make sure you invest in a paper shredder to get rid of any documents that you don’t need anymore. Shred obsolete yet confidential documents to avoid the risk of data theft.

Essential Office Supplies

  1. Comfortable Furniture 

A healthy working environment is crucial for you and the employees around you. Not only does it lead to a productive, healthy lifestyle, but it also acts as a non-monetary incentive for employees to stay fresh and motivated throughout the day to get the job done. An impressive set of furniture and interior will also most likely impress your clients that may pay a visit. Are you searching for reception desks, filing cabinets, office accessories, and more? If so, you are in the right place. Our Office Furniture In London team can provide a vast range of quality new and used office supplies and furniture. Your choice of furniture must be selective, relevant and useful. Some of which may include:

  • Storage cupboards- These are necessary to maintain your office and to ensure everything around you is not scattered around. Cabinets and cupboards must be present that will allow you to store everything in order without having to see clutter.
  • Comfy seating area – It’s not unusual that at any time of the day one of your workers would want to relax or you were experiencing an event where you could have an informal meeting with your clients or co-workers. Therefore, considering setting up a seating area with comfortable seats, they don’t have to be too high-end but just as long as they look maintained and are very relaxing.
  • Air conditioning- If your area lacks centralized air conditioning, you must consider investing in some eco-friendly air conditioners that’ll keep everyone cool and will also maintain pleasant room temperature, especially during the summers. This also contributes to helping a worker remain active and productive so that they’re not irritated with the weather.
  1. Technology-based office equipment 

No matter what your business is about, you just cannot forget about the fact that every company out there needs technology regardless of its operation networks or the scale it’s on. Ensure your office is well equipped with personal computers (PCs), printers, spare computer accessories, and monitors. Your office computers and laptops must be updated so that the speed is not affected and it remains compatible with every software update. The number of gadgets needed depends on the type of business and how big it is. Ideally, it should have just enough equipment which will allow workers to work freely without any hindrances, such as waiting for a vacant computer before they could move on to their task.


Know that every company is different, and the kind of material needed would vary from one another. The above highlighted some of the basics that you will find and is also necessary for every office. Brands that are specialized may slightly differ and may have customized furniture. Remember to gradually incur such costs throughout the years of operation so it may not be much of a burden for your business.