Keep your motorcycle cruising safely with a fully operational battery. Just like a car battery, a motorcycle battery only has a certain life span before it starts to wear and, eventually, dies out. Learn all you need to know about the average lifetime of a motorcycle battery, factors that determine this average and what you can do to enjoy a long-lasting battery.

In most situations, a motorcycle battery can last about 48 months. Any battery issues before this time may be caused by improper maintenance. Your battery may last even longer than this period, but after this time you can expect performance issues, such as reduced battery capacity or failure to start your motorcycle.

Factors That Determine Battery Life

Looking to get the best investment out of your motorcycle battery? Here are the top factors that can affect the expected lifetime of motorcycle batteries:

  • Climate
  • Battery maintenance
  • Type of battery
  • Brand of battery

Batteries come in a range of cold cranking amp ratings. This is an important rating because the efficiency of batteries falls during cold weather. Particularly cold snaps can affect the lifetime of your battery. Be sure to keep it fully charged during the winter. If possible, consider storing your motorcycle indoors to shield it from the worst effects of cold weather. Similarly, high moisture levels can also damage your battery.

Battery maintenance starts with installation. Review the proper steps to installing a battery to be sure that it can be safely used and recharged. If you don’t plan on using your motorcycle for six weeks or more, consider connecting it to a charger. Failure to charge a battery, particularly if it’s still connected to your motorcycle, for months at a time can reduce the expected lifetime considerably.

Motorcycle batteries come in many different sizes and specifications. Choosing between a lead-acid, lithium, gel or absorbed glass mat battery can affect its expected lifetime. Carefully review the expected lifetimes of these different types of batteries. Be sure you understand the recommended maintenance tasks for each one, as this can change between battery types.

How To Ensure Battery Life Longevity

Did you do everything right and your battery still died quickly? A final factor in ensuring battery longevity is maintaining your motorcycle. There may be an issue in your starter, alternator or other electrical components that is affecting your battery. A damaged alternator won’t properly charge your battery as you drive, which can affect its ability to hold a charge.

Proper maintenance, storage and charging can ensure a long battery lifetime. Nothing, however, can make your battery last forever. Once it’s time to retire this motorcycle component, it’s essential that you have it properly disposed of. The most convenient place to do this is your local, trusted auto parts store, as you can also receive a new battery at the same time.

Find out how to tell if your car battery is dead and other helpful tips to maintain your own equipment. From car batteries to motorcycle components, review these steps and properly maintain your vehicles to be ready for any safe, unforgettable riding experience.