Bike Accessories and Equipment to Have Now


After buying a new bike, what do you do? Do you just climb and ride on the road?

Take note that a little preparation can go a long way toward your first ride plus the subsequent ones. Many things can ruin a ride that you are not ready to handle. As such, some knowledge and the use of accessories come into the picture. Anyone can buy a bike and ride it. But if you wish to be a self-reliant and safer ride, part of the activity is learning to meet the challenges of riding with style and grace.

Bike equipment is necessary to help you address the problems that you face on the road. Some riders ride with very little equipment while others want many and the best. As such, here are some of the bike accessories and equipment to try for your bike now:


Debates are surrounding cycling helmets. It’s not compulsory to wear one to cycle. However, helmets are required at the majority of the cycling events around the world.

The general requirement in buying a helmet is making sure that it is a good fit, breathable, and lightweight. This is true unless you are into racing, and you want an aero helmet.

Meanwhile, expensive helmets are softer. They have lighter straps, and they have safety ad ons like having an inner shell. This will protect the head against any injury due to built-in lights and rotation. You can check the bicycle lights and accessories online now for your needs.


In biking, it is important to have a visible or reflective gear. This is important when you are riding in low-light conditions. Examples are when riding in dusk, dawn, rain, or night. Bright and reflective colors like yellow or orange will give you a big chance of being seen at low light. You can buy road safety gear from local bike shops or department stores near you.

Meanwhile, you can consider buying lycra shorts for you. This will provide you a lot of comfort on the bike. Gloves will help you avoid chafing and wear. You can also wear sleeveless shirts, short sleeves, long sleeves, or just a simple t-shirt.

If you are just riding a short distance, you can bike with your running or tennis shoes. However, for longer rides, you might want to consider investing in cycling shoes. These shoes will give you constant contact with the bike. Thus, it will allow you to transfer your riding effort, especially when you are on the slope.


Road sunglasses are lightweight in general. It has a mix of interchangeable lenses. Also, it has a large field of vision that will not obstruct your view. It is recommended to check for comfortable glasses that will fit your head. Make sure that it will fit your helmet too. You can check the bicycle lights and accessories online now for your needs.

Airflow depends on the choice of eyewear. Some models limit the airflow to suit sensitive eyes and cold conditions. As you assess the sunglasses for airflow, make sure that there is a sufficient amount to prevent the glasses from fogging up.