Vacation rental software helps to manage your long-distance property well. If you choose to self-manage your rental properties, you need software to manage all of them and it requires some skills to manage such software remotely. In this article you can find some key points about how to manage vacation rental remotely.

What is a Vacation Rental Property?

Vacation rental property is that property that you keep open for people to rent. It may be hours away from your permanent location and it may be located in a different state or different country. You upload the property for rent service and manage everything from the software. This is the real meaning of vacation rental property and it is also known as long-distance property. Lodgify is software that can help you to manage the property remotely. It can handle more than one property at the same time.

How to Manage the Vacation Rental Software easily? 

Some of the tips to manage vacation rental software are given below:

1. Respond to Messages Softly 

Remember this industry is very competitive. If you do not respond to a customer’s message quickly they will approach someone else because there are plenty of options available. A quick reply to your customers can increase the rental rate to a large extent. The Airbnb channel manager allows you to reply quickly to your potential customers.

2. Allow Automatic Check-in and Check out

Check-in and checkout processes are a headache to guests. Usually, there are conditions to these processes. For example, there are fixed timings for check-in and checkout. But if you allow automatic check-in and out processes, people will like your website best. You can also allow guests to self-check it. Make sure you manage the proper time gap between the checkout of one guest and check-in of another one.

3. Pay attention to Cleaning 

It’s essential to hire a cleaner to promptly clean the rooms after a guest’s checkout to prevent any mess from attracting pests. However, you can easily find pest control services online, such as those provided by to effectively eradicate the problem should you notice anything beyond the scope of regular cleaning. It is very important to take care and stay on top of good hygiene practices otherwise guests will never book your place again. The cleaner should be trustworthy too. You cannot give the property keys to any stranger. You can choose a reliable cleaning company and they will send the workers to clean the property timely.

4. Use Security System 

You should install the security system on your property when the guests are not there. It is important for the security of your upcoming guests and to your property as well. The security system must include motion sensors, cameras all around the property and if necessary inside the house too. Do not forget to switch off the system when guests arrive.

5. Install the Updates 

Do not forget to update your property profile from time to time. It will help to attract more people. You must update the discounts, new items, or any other important thing to your property. Upload the photos of each area of your property.

What are the Benefits to Manage the Rental Properties on Software?

There are many benefits of managing the rental properties on software. Some of them are given below:

  • The first biggest advantage of rental software is that you can work from anywhere in the world. You do not have to come to the property, to welcome your guests or clean the property. The payment process also is online.
  • People prefer clean places for accommodation especially these days. Good tip is uploading photos and hygiene certificates from time to time.
  • You can work at your preferred time. It is not like a 9 to 5 job. You reply to your customers on time and the rest of the software will handle itself. It offers flexible work hours.

These were the facts about managing vacation rental software remotely. This process is very trending these days. People are using their long-distance property to their fullest. It is a great source of income also and tourists can also find a suitable place for accommodation. If you manage your property well then it may give you lots of benefits.