Logos – If we really think about it, everything started in black and white, as the first impressions of pictures and images were like this, and even when colors came after, it was very exclusive to use them. However, in logo design, both ways still work, as some brands take the option of black and white, while others go for a colorful logo, instead. The real question is what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two choices. There are a thousand reasons to choose both of them, and the first step should always be to consider the vision you have for the logo, and then, according to the content and themes, you choose the tons. Here are some of the differences between these two choices, let’s find out more.

Black & White Benefits

There’s no easier color combination than these two, as they create a sea of possibilities for any brand looking into creating their logo. The simplicity of this contrast is a strong point when it comes to logos, not only for the minimalism it offers, but also for its versatility. Most of the time, this sends the customer an idea of professionalism and elegance, mainly because we almost always see these two colors associated with class and more serious businesses.

Costs are Important

One of the many advantages there are to brands that take the option of going for black and white logos is having a good profit towards the material, as they won’t spend as much money as if they would use colors, for example, when printing documents, but also in laser engravings, 3D printing, embroidery, among other stuff, that wouldn’t support colors. Using black and white will always have a better effect on paper without suffering flaws. There’s another perk to this! Saving money on colorful toner cartridges and helping the environment too, as they create waste and pollute more. A win-win situation.

Colors Benefits

Colors are a beautiful way to give life to anything! Something that automatically spotlights any logo and calls the attention of possible customers and, when used correctly, can stay in your audience’s mind for a very long time, with positive associations.

Psychology Behind Colors

The colors you choose to represent your logo can say a lot about your business, mainly because every color has a meaning, and even though a lot of people might not know this, most of the time they are chosen not just because they look pretty, but because there’s a reason behind it. For example, red is warm and represents boldness and passion, yellow is the sun, with optimism and hope as strong associations, and even blue, a colder color that gives you a feeling of trust and strength. This can bring a lot of benefits to your brand, however, if you go the wrong way it can make serious damages. Remember that something so simple can have a lot of power.

Best of Both Worlds

Logos will always need something that represents them, be it a colorful road or a black and white one. However, sometimes, these two can come together as one! They can work on the same logo and be used in different mediums, meaning you can create the same image with different color schemes. Both are possible and both can be used. Lastly, when in doubt, think about what your brand means, what you want to transmit, and use it, as well as this article, as a guide. Thanks for reading!