Did you know that a quality gaming mouse could not only take your gaming to the next level, but also help you to be a bit more productive at work? On this page, we are going to highlight how a gaming mouse will help you outperform both at work and gaming. You will be surprised at how many features will ‘cross over’ between the two normally very different areas of your life.

Razer Basilisk, a gaming mouse

Razer Basilisk, a gaming mouse


If you are sitting at a desk all day at work, we have absolutely no doubt that you will have experienced discomfort in your hands. After all, your hand is almost constantly gripping the mouse. Many of the cheaper products on the market have an awful shape to them. They will have your hand gripping at all sorts of weird angles. It is uncomfortable. A gaming mouse, on the other hand, is built to be used for hours and hours each and every day. They are curved in all the right areas, and some even have a bit of padding to make grip easier.

The gaming mouse may be easier to use in other areas too. For example; it is a lot easier to click, and the scroll motion is a lot smoother. This is all down to the ergonomic design. We are sure how this can help you in both the gaming environment and work environment. Everything about using your mouse just becomes easier.

The benefit is that you won’t see lowered productivity during the latter part of the day at work. If you are gaming, then obviously it means that you will be able to game for longer periods of time

without a break. You may even find it easier to move the mouse around, which can benefit you a lot when it comes to productivity at work and while gaming.

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Better construction materials

A gaming mouse is designed to be used for long periods of time. When companies design their gaming mouse products, they try to create something that can be pushed to the absolute brink every single day, yet still manage to perform to a high standard for many years.

To give you an example; your typical ‘cheap’ work mouse will have a standard USB cable attached to it. Every single day, you will be bending this cable. It will be a slight bend, but you will be bending it. Eventually, the connections inside the USB cable will start to fray. You may notice that your gaming mouse starts to become randomly disconnected from your computer. This will be for brief periods before it reconnects again. A gaming mouse, on the other hand, has a more flexible cable attached to it. While there is no guarantee that it will break, there will be ‘protection’ built into the gaming mouse which will minimize the risk.

How does this help you outperform at work? Well, for starters; you are going to be saving money for you or your company as that mouse won’t need to be replaced every few months. You are also going to be wasting a lot less time needing to fix any random issues your mouse throws up at you. Remember; we have only spoken about the cable. The materials also apply to the ‘clicking’ (more responsive clicks) and scrolling.


If you are a gamer, then you will know how important it is to set up macros to reach the height of your gaming. You will likely know that you can program certain tasks to a button on your mouse. It makes them easier to carry out, and that means more fluid gaming.

Did you know that macros can also boost your performance at work? If you are doing repetitive tasks while at work, then you may see some benefit in programming the macro keys on a gaming mouse. While you won’t be able to do anything too complicated, you could potentially program the buttons to open up certain programs, or maybe do certain edits in a program. Imagine being able to print using a single button on your mouse, or maybe even answer a VOIP call. There is a lot you can do.

Better sensitivity

You will have a lot more control over the sensitivity of your gaming mouse. Obviously, this is great for gaming as you will be able to adjust your mouse to fit the game you are playing. If you can move mouse in the right way in your favourite game, then you will be able to get your shots off quicker. You will be able to carry out all sorts of fancy moves which will increase your gaming skill. You will outperform those who do not have a gaming mouse.

In the work environment, you want to be able to adjust mouse sensitivity to reduce strain on your wrist. This is because a less-sensitive mouse will require far more movement to actually move. It will also make a bit easier to carry out your tasks. Again, this means that you are going to ‘outperform’ at work.

Honestly, a gaming mouse really isn’t just for gaming. As you can see, if you pick one up for use in the work environment, you really will see the benefits. Just make sure that you pick yourself up a quality gaming mouse to begin with. It really will be worth the money.