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In-game Advertising Write for Us

Definition of In-Game Advertising

In-game Advertising writes for us – In-game advertising (IGA) is advertising directly on the computer, online, and in video games. However, various communication channels are used and combined in virtual games. And also, advertising objects are also presented in different forms, on the one hand, to make the game as realistic as possible and, on the other hand, to serve as an additional marketing tool for the advertising companies.  Apart from the standardized formats of classic online advertising, Game Ad Net (GAN) founders only refer to in-game advertising once the brand has integrated as part of the game mechanics.

Forms of In-Game Advertising


Dynamic in-game advertising (DIGA) refers to implementing advertising messages in fixed but flexibly playable placeholders in online games. And also, these placeholders can be booked in real-time by advertising companies and equipped with various advertisements. However, that means that the game’s virtual world can almost take on the shape of the natural world and thus appears more real. The advertising measures are ideally organized, as in online marketing, via ad server systems that plan and manage the placement of the advertising material using targeting technologies.


With static in-game advertising (SIGA), advertising messages are firmly anchored in the virtual game and remain there for the entire duration of use. During the match, the advertiser cannot change the advertisement.  Advergame described lies in that game developers want to incorporate several brands into the virtual game in static in-game advertising and have sole control over the game theme and sales.


Advergames closely link to static in-game advertising. And also, the primary area here is to develop a virtual game about a brand or product to bring it to the consumer free of charge and promote the brand or product. Therefore, the particular type of construction of this type of virtual game leads to an increased programming effort. Online playable advergames use to generate user data and addresses. Players must register on a website before starting the game to access the game. The advertising company receives user data from the player to use this for further marketing measures or statistical purposes, in contrast to this, offline playable advergames.

Benefits of In-Game Advertising

In-game Advertising Write for Us


The accessibility of the target groups with in-game advertising is more reliable than commercial breaks on television since the channel is not changed. The fact that target groups consciously accept the commercial breaks in the virtual game to receive bonuses for different game levels and thus additional playful value for which they would otherwise have to pay also contributes to the sustainable accessibility of the target groups. Commercial breaks are not perceived as an interruption but as an improvement in the game. Due to the long duration of the game, in-game advertising offers frequent contact options with the player, which increases the likelihood of perceiving the brand or product.

Emotional Involvement

Since virtual games, in contrast to TV and radio, take up a large part of the players’ attention. And also, the players have voluntarily and consciously decided to play. One assumes a high degree of emotional involvement and motivation, resulting in the player perceiving that in-game advertising to a greater extent than alternative advertising options. However, In-game advertising generates authenticity. The virtual game appears more accurate and thus contributes to the game’s fun. Due to the high emotional involvement of the player, especially if the brand or the product is part of the game plot, fewer repetitions need to convey the advertising message. That means that the same amount of advertising budget use in further,

Targeted Advertising

However, by aggregating player data from online gaming profiles, companies can automatically reach target groups with advertising with the help of programmatic advertising and programmatic creation. With dynamic in-game advertising, given advertising space is booked in real-time during the game and provided with advertising messages tailored to the player. In addition, a consistent contact definition ensures that the player has come into contact with the advertising medium.

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