It is now possible to see what digital marketing trends in 2019, that include certain developments in a context in which paid media is acquiring a vital boom, the programmatic purchase tries to overcome the stumbling block of the General Regulation of Data Protection and the artificial intelligence advances in a silent but implacable way.

The new technologies and the most cutting-edge technological developments set the tone for a year, 2019, which is full of new features. Marketing professionals are eager to embrace many of the new ways of understanding digital advertising, aware that we are entering a new era and that only brands that know how to adapt on time to these new scenarios will be ready to emerge when the time comes.

Digital marketing trends 2019

Top 10 Digital marketing trends in 2019

Needless to say that the rise of the smartphone conditions, to a greater or lesser extent, a large part of marketing trends in 2019, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), m-commerce facilities, mobile video or video ads.

1. Fast content for fast users

Content Marketing

The dizzying climb of the mobile phone to become the primary Internet access mode effects, much, how the user makes inquiries and consumes content. According to Statista statistics portal, Spain is the fifth country in the world where users spend more time with mobile phones, with an average of two hours and 11 minutes per person per day. The ubiquity of the smartphone makes us consume content almost anytime, anywhere, and in many cases, while we perform another task. An attractive and fast content promotes the presence of the brand and the CTR (Click through Rate).

It is necessary, therefore, to bet on the ephemeral, fleeting content, but leave a mark on the user: immersive and interactive content formats. The fast-content revolution began with Snapchat. Later, Facebook would follow the trend with its Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. The last to join the fast content has been Google, with AMP Stories. It is urgent to have stories to tell and count them in a matter of seconds. Of course, we must not associate speed with low quality: fast content has nothing to do with fast food. In this case, in addition to fast must be “nutritious” to meet the user’s information or leisure needs.

2. Context marketing and native advertising

2 Context_Marketing

The marketing context or marketing context becomes much more relevant than ever because new technologies allow a more precise analysis. Thanks to this, it’s conceivable to introduce convenient substance to the correct client at the perfect time. Knowing the gathering of people and utilizing the information for more noteworthy personalization of the essence will be the key. Review that the distinction between substance advertising and setting showcasing is in the level of customization that the second requires.

In this sense, local publicizing will keep on being substantial, yet we should be cautious: straightforwardness will be progressively essential in these organizations, in a biological system in which the client gradually rejects promoting camouflaged as substance. Once more, adjustment and innovativeness will be the key while exhibiting content advanced in, for instance, informal communities, continually considering the unique situation with the goal that the client acknowledges it usually and realizing that it will be valuable. As indicated by the First Study of Content and Native Advertising, led by the IAB, 83% of publicists use a branded substance or local publicizing all the time in their activities. Although it isn’t something new, Context promoting ought to be viewed as one of the 2019 advanced advertising patterns.

3. Automatic video, a need

3 Automated video

As per Forbes magazine, over 80% of all publicizing video of 2019 will be automatic. From Kanlli we have since quite a while ago anticipated the upsides of the electronic video, and every one of the information point to the way that one year from now its last union will occur. Its motivation, among different variables, will be supported by the ascent of VOD (Video on interest). Likewise the portable condition – with a bigger screen measure and a quicker association speed – has put a video in the focal point of customer consideration.

On the publicist’s side, the improvement of guidelines as far as innovation and measurements have favoured expansion in the interest for automatic video. The advancement of the organizations and the enhancements in the situating offer to the brands a lot more options of contact with their intended interest group, on account of the various inventive potential outcomes. Likewise, the video has consistency regarding the investigation.

The automatic video is referred to among computerized showcasing patterns 2019 for its three fundamental favourable circumstances: its division limit.

Which makes the speculation yield significantly more and causes a more remarkable transformation; the likelihood of consistent.

Correspondence with a hyper associated and a multi-gadget group of onlookers that expect a one of a kind brand understanding through custom fitted stories; and that gratitude to personalization.

Clients live an additionally compensating publicizing knowledge, which results in an excellent impression of the brand. Subsequently, the automatic video is as of now a fundamental when building up an effective promoting technique.

4. Social business and the heaviness of the network

Word Cloud Social Business

As indicated by information from The Social Commerce Report, arranged by Business Insider, the 500 driving merchants overall won around 6,500 million dollars in 2017 gratitude to social trade, an expansion of 24% in only one year. The online business ought not to dismiss a developing pattern: social buys are normalizing, a reality that has been supported by the formation of new types of social advertisements.

In particular, Instagram Shopping has added to its force since its dispatch in Spain a half year prior. Social buys speak to the consistent advancement of purchases on the Internet, and that is the reason they are situated among the patterns of computerized promoting 2019. Notwithstanding Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have specific functionalities of electronic business, for example, buy catches and customized markets. They have stopped to be mediators, supporting an adjustment in the manner purchaser’s purchase.

Social purchasers have the refinement of having a place with a digital network, which makes them part of the business procedure. Also, this business channel supports the section into the market of little brands and autonomous venders. Presently marks, notwithstanding utilizing social channels as a feature, can use them as an exchange. The buyer has gone above and beyond: the revelation has gone to the quick look for items, as in any commercial center. It’s uplifting news for the retail part.

5. Portable business: the store in your pocket

5 Portable-Business

As we have officially brought up above, portable perusing does not quit developing. A client progressively acquainted with this gadget is gradually inclined to internet shopping. Them-trade, in a matter of seconds, will be the primary reality. In Spain, clients who associate with the Internet through cell phones are 35.8 million, as per the “Computerized in 2018” report created by Hootsuite. It remains, in this manner, to state that advanced traders wishing to contend should adjust their destinations to portable, furnishing their online store with a primary interface and dealing with dormancy, load times.

The m-trade ought to be comprehended as the primary one among computerized showcasing patterns 2019. Without a versatile store, there is no portable deal. It’s that basic. As indicated by information from our most recent investigation on “Development and prospects of internet business for 2018”, in 2017 55% of Spanish online stores made under 25% of all-out deals through versatile. In the gauges for 2018, computerized traders that don’t hope to surpass this figure are as yet half. This inclination to stagnation is possibly clarified by an absence of will with regards to wagering on the portable as the primary deals channel. It is as yet confusing, considering that 92% of Internet clients have made some buy web-based, as indicated by information from the XX version of the yearly overview Navigators in the system of the Association for Media Research (AIMC), directed by the General Media Study (EGM) Let’s put the batteries!

6. Advertising robotization for more prominent exactness

6 robotization for digital marketing
6 robotization for digital marketing

Mechanizing promoting activities diminishes costs, yet enables an increasingly global vision to settle on better choices. The robotization showcasing is one of the computerized advertising patterns 2019 with higher projections, it is realized that diminishes up to 25% expenses of producing leads. Truth be told, as indicated by information from Focus Research, 75% of the organizations that actualize an advertising computerization methodology experience ROI development following a year.

The major zones in which to apply advertising computerization are the age of commitment with the item, the robotization of dull promoting procedures and programmed learning dependent on information (lead sustaining and lead scoring). In this way, email crusades, re-commitment, programmed association with clients, division of contacts or the portion of a property to a gathering of them, are errands that will be profoundly profited by a sufficient procedure of robotization.

7. Voice marketing and brands that speak with their voice

7 voice-marketing-for-digital-marketing
7 voice-marketing-for-digital-marketing

The age of the voice has begun. While voice searches experience a meteoric rise and virtual voice aids proliferate (already included in smartphones), smart speakers are starting to gain a foothold in our homes. Google Home, Echo or HomePod will change not only how we relate to the domestic environment of smart homes, but also how we interact with the Internet. We walk towards a predominant voice interface, a new navigation concept that companies should start adapting to. Why? Voice search and voice commerce already draw new realities.

One of the trends in digital marketing in 2019 with Greater projection in the coming years is voice marketing. That the requests of the users are made through a voice order will imply that the answer they get, at least in the first instance, is also spoken. Our brand must prepare for this from this moment, looking for a personality that is transmitted through the voice, creating a sound mark and working as a pioneer in the positioning for voice search. Always, yes, from a conversational approach, where the machine will understand the user’s requests and give the correct response.

8. Visual search: a picture is worth a thousand words

8 visual-search-for-digital marketing
8 visual-search-for-digital marketing

For some time now, prominent companies such as eBay, Pinterest and Google have been working on image recognition technologies to facilitate image searches. It is an ambitious project, but thanks to the artificial intelligence it is possible to recognize images through deep learning. Visual searches will have a significant impact on e-commerce, since the consumer will be able to locate objects on the Internet that would be very difficult, if not impossible, only through a description.

The visual search allows you to search only capturing an image and uploading it to a visual search platform. Thus, the search engine will locate image results with similar characteristics. Again, mobile devices are in charge of marking one of the digital marketing trends of 2019. ASOS Visual Search, eBay Image Search, Find it on eBay, Pinterest Lens or Google Lens are the technologies that are already responsible for returning searches made from an image. In the next few years, visual search represents a high percentage of searches; it is important to start asking yourself how SEO should be done for it.

9. Instant messaging apps as advertising support

Instant messaging apps as advertising support for digital marketing
Instant messaging apps as advertising support for digital marketing

Facebook Messenger has 1,300 million users worldwide, and WhatsApp, with 1,500 million. Both instant messaging platforms are owned by Facebook, which works on how to make them profitable through advertising and other monetization alternatives. Since last October, Messenger users in the United States can make P2P money transfers thanks to an agreement with PayPal and, as reported last August The Wall Street Journal, WhatsApp will start showing ads in the states of contacts in 2019, after the company last February modified the conditions of service.

The recent launch of WhatsApp Business is an exciting option to create a link between the brand and its customers, but everything suggests that it will soon contain payment functionalities. At the moment, it is an excellent channel not only for the communication of offers but to offer personalized and quality customer service. In this sense, it’s worth mentioning the Chabot’s, great allies of instant messaging and other types of chat rooms and that, although we do not consider them to be enough in themselves to be included among digital marketing trends 2019, they will be a crucial technology within the instant messaging apps.

10. Analytical and CRO, like having a crystal ball

Analytical and CRO, like having a crystal ball
Analytical and CRO, like having a crystal ball

To have the information is to have the information. And to have the information is to have the power. New technologies have made possible the appearance of sophisticated tools that allow us to measure and analyze in detail. 2019 must be the year in which we stop implementing actions blindly, and we know exactly why we make every decision: data and artificial intelligence make it possible. Web analytics will allow us to know to what extent our digital marketing strategy is working, providing information about aspects such as conversion rate, attribution or user behaviour on our page. Of course, we must not measure everything, but determine a priori what the data we want to obtain depending on the objectives that we have set are.

On the other hand, the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) techniques will confer a higher degree of sophistication to our digital strategy, since thanks to them, we will be able to obtain the maximum performance from the measurement tools when interpreting the data and evaluate if they are in line with the objectives. That way we can make informed decisions about the optimizations needed for better results. Although at Kanlli we have been advocating web analytics and CRO for a long time – although it is not a novelty – it is vital to contemplate both processes within digital marketing trends 2019.

What 2019 digital marketing trends does my brand need?

When determining which areas to invest our advertising budget, it is crucial to define what main objectives we want to achieve. The nature of our brand or product will also have a lot of influence on the type of strategy. And, of course, the budget that we have. Our recommendation is to invest, preferably, in those areas focused on the marketing of results, since they are what will allow us to control the investment better, rectify in favour of better outcomes and, ultimately, measure and know the ROI. The paid media appears as a great ally.

In any case, we see that the rise of the mobile phone determines most of the 2019 digital marketing trends. That is why the second recommendation is to invest in adapting to this device as much as possible, both in technical adaptation and content. Familiarizing ourselves, albeit timidly, with the novelties that search marketing brings together will, with little effort, begin to build the base of the pyramid of what is to come.

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