The notion of marketing

or marketing is use to refer to practices and strategies that aim to meet the needs of customers.

Social, on the other hand, is that which is linked to society (a community whose members interact under common rules or a group of individuals organized to achieve specific objectives).

The idea of social marketing, in this context, refers to marketing that considers both the interest of customers and the goals of the company as well as the welfare of society in general. That why it seeks to generate a positive change in the environment in which it is execute.


Social marketing

usually focuses on the diffusion of a project or concept that contributes to the resolution of a problem that affects the entire community. As part of that action, the brand manages to promote itself and, in turn, helps people.

Suppose a brand of soda (soda or soda) releases a bottle made of recycled plastic to minimize the environmental impact. The company also undertakes to plant a tree for each of these bottles that it sells. This strategy can exist register in social marketing: the company gets dissemination and promotes sales, consumers make a good action with their purchase and society in general benefits from the environmental initiative.

Social Marketing

A brewer, meanwhile, can develop a series of ads to discourage alcohol consumption among drivers.

It could remain understood that this social marketing initiative “invites” not to buy beer.

Although, in reality it only proposes not to drink in specific cases.

The manufacturer, as well, demonstrates its responsibility to society beyond the business.