Global Marketing Definition

Global marketing means that, rather than selling a product on an international scale. It carries out the planning, production, dissemination, and promotion stages worldwide.

The goal of global marketing is to enable the company’s products or services to reach new markets in many countries through an outreach and marketing opportunity.

Even brands that don’t want to expand internationally may face local competition from foreign companies, and marketers increasingly need to know global practices.

Global Marketing is an International Marketing

  • Before we continue, it is essential to clarify that Global Marketing is different from International Marketing.
  • If a company aims to be present in a specific country, it is already implementing an international marketing strategy.
  • Global Marketing used when the company wants to expand its activities to many different countries, with the idea of being fully recognized in the world.

What are the best global marketing strategies?

So that you can deepen your knowledge about global marketing, we have identified five strategies used by the major global companies.

It is important to remember that the internships are accessible to midsize companies and can be done even without an office in the country where the expansion planned.

1. Adapt the language used for each country

  • How the brand chooses to communicate with its buyer persona is crucial to sales success.
  • This statement, which seems obvious, is essential for companies that want to consolidate in a global environment.
  • Google, for example, is a global company that operates in hundreds of countries.

2. Recognize the person’s change in habits in different regions

  • It is quite common for consumption habits to be different between regions, even though the buyer persona is similar in all countries.
  • To be successful in the international market, a company must always carry out extensive research and studies that recognize the differences among the public in each country before beginning an investment.

3. Align the strategies used in all countries

  • Global marketing must design to have an aligned strategy between different countries. In which it is present while identifying ways to personalize actions for the national market.
  • Coca-Cola, for example, has been operating internationally since 1919 and is located in more than 200 countries.

4. Know the international operating standards

  • A fundamental concern for all companies is information on international operating rules.
  • And also, You need to comply with local patent and licensing regulations and informs of the legislation to operate in a particular segment.

5. Make strategic changes according to the results

  • To develop the strategy of global marketing, the brand must be aware that all initial research will use to support the first actions in the country.
  • Still, the best feedbacks customers will give after the start of the business.
  • An example of a company that continually seeks strategic changes to improve its results is McDonald’s.

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