What is AppExchange? – Definition, Types, and More

AppExchange Definition

The AppExchange is an online marketplace for Salesforce apps, components, and consulting services.

If you’re a Lightning Platform developer or consultant, the AppExchange is the gateway for connecting customers to your business solution.

And also, If you’re a Salesforce administrator or user, visit the AppExchange to find tools and talent to unleash your company’s productivity.

How Does AppExchange Work?

The creative power behind each AppExchange app is a Salesforce user. AppExchange gives users a place to create, publish, or install apps and extensions to Salesforce. And also, here is how Lightning Platform AppExchange works.


  • A Salesforce user initiates the process by creating a custom object, custom tab, or set of dashboards and reports that improves business.
  • And also, Customers can share their customizations with other Salesforce users as an app or extension.


  • A Salesforce customer can register and publish an app on the AppExchange.
  • And also, A customer can also create a demo of the functionality included in the app for others to view before installing.


Salesforce admins can choose to install an app published to the AppExchange. And also, Installing a published app from it is safe and straightforward.

  • Browse—Firstly, View the descriptions, reviews, and demos of an app from AppExchange. Choose an app that fits your needs.
  • Test Drive—Review a fully functional demo of the app as a read-only user, and plan your implementation.
  • Install—Add the app and all its components to your Salesforce environment.
  • Deploy—Immediately give your users access to the app or customize it for a select group of users.

Who Can Use the AppExchange?

Anyone can browse listings and test-drive apps or components. And also, You need the “Download Packages” permission to install apps or components.

To create a package and upload it to the Partner Community, you must have “Create Packages” and “Upload Packages” permissions.

And also, To create and publish a listing, you must have the “Manage Listings” permission.

What are the Different Solution Types of AppExchange?

You’ll find many solutions including apps, Lightning Components, Lightning Data, Bolt Solutions, and Flow Solutions.

AppExchange apps

Firstly, They are the core solution to our marketplace. And also, These are ready-to-install enterprise solutions that let you extend Salesforce into every department or industry.

Lightning Components

They are the building blocks for making apps — with drag-and-drop ease — in Lightning App Builder. Active and reusable components let you kick-start your app-building.

Lightning Data

They are pre-integrated, approved, and scalable data solutions that can supercharge your sales and marketing.

Bolt Solutions

They can help you launch faster. These are industry templates built by our partners, containing process flows, apps, components, and more — all integrated with Salesforce CRM.

Flow Solutions

They help you accelerate processes. And also, Admins can automate their company’s processes, making it easy to connect with and perform actions on a third-party.

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