Should Small Businesses Pursue An Aggressive Digital Strategy In 2021?



  • If you are a owner of small business and looking to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic on your business?
  • Do you know which areas you should invest in to get maximum returns, growth, and profitability?
  • Have you tried exploring how digital and online marketing can help you improve customers for your small business?

There is an option in front of small business owners affected by the pandemic. They can either close down businesses indefinitely, seek employment, and give up on their dreams of being an entrepreneur. Or, they can motivate themselves, use successful new strategies, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Depending on what kind of an individual you are, business owners are likely to choose one of the two choices. In this article, we will try appealing to the sensibilities and emotions of the second type of business owner- one who wants to resurrect his business successfully.

Is Digital the Way Forward for Small Businesses in the Post-COVID-19 19 Era?

According to leading digital experts and business analysts, the internet offers infinite possibilities for small businesses to grow. Yes, they have to learn new things, work with a specialized internet marketing agency, and invest. However, in the post-pandemic period, the internet and digital have been proven to be successful platforms for both businesses as well as consumers.

Rather than focus on traditional marketing and sales models like leaflet distributions and setting up kiosks, small businesses should look to tap into digital platforms. Popular social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others are the rage when it comes to promoting businesses. The same audiences who were hanging out at malls and promotional spaces are now hogging their social media profiles.

An attempt must be made by small businesses to establish a digital presence. This can be by creating a brand website or an ecommerce site and starting their own social media pages. Once they start seeing some traction, they can invest in digital marketing to improve their performances across platforms.

List of 5 Reasons why Small Businesses should start pursuing Digital

  1. Lower Investments-  When compared with traditional marketing prices, digital and internet marketing is relatively cost-affordable. This means that your marketing, sales, and advertising will not drain your finances drastically. Most businesses prefer digital marketing because of its affordability. Moreover, the internet and social media offer you a unique opportunity to create and repurpose user-generated content. Like some of the leading Shopify stores you can increase sales for your e-commerce store with minimum investment. You don’t need to allocate big marketing bucks to pay professional photographers. Instead, users’ content serves not only as a marketing tool but also as an excellent social proof.
  2. Trackable Results- The digital is a space where you can track, monitor, and measure each and every cent invested. If a strategy is not showing results, you can immediately stop it and move on to a new one. This means that you can always ensure that your investment is returning a dividend.
  3. Target Audiences are Online- The average rate of internet consumption and social media screen time has doubled during the pandemic. On average people are spending more than two hours each day on social media browsing. They are looking at products, services, and making purchase decisions all online.
  4. Result-Oriented Platforms- Bigger brands invest millions in digital activities because they see real results. From social media to ad placements on Google, you will get real customers and improve sales. The digital is a highly result-oriented platform intended to benefit all businesses alike.
  5. The Future is Digital- From Jeff Bezos to Mark Zuckerberg, the richest men in the world are running digital businesses. Human psychological studies show how consumer behavior is being influenced, controlled, and moving towards digital. If you are not part of the change, you will fail as a business.

The Final Word

If you are trying to do too many things from the get-go it can be a bit overwhelming. Where a good internet marketing agency that is credible and affordable can help you grow. You can start small and then scale up your digital efforts once you start seeing real results. Can you think of some other advantages small businesses can get by adopting digital marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments below.