Addiction Rehab Facility – It can’t be denied that there is a high demand for addiction treatment centers worldwide. Substance addiction poses many dangers not only to the individual himself, but also to his friends, family, and the rest of society. This is why government agencies have been strengthening efforts to address this problem, recently focusing on treatments as the preferred method of curtailing addiction.

With this new directive, the addiction treatment and rehabilitation industry has also grown to meet the increasing demand. In 2020, there were more than 16,000 rehabilitation facilities in the US alone, offering different treatment services such as counseling and medication, as well as options for outpatient, short-term, or long-term treatment arrangements.

If you own or operate a rehabilitation facility, this number poses a considerable challenge as the competition in the market gets tougher every year. And it is a problem that has no simple solution. Because of the limitations imposed when advertising or promoting this type of business.

Luckily, there are still habits in which you can grow your business while working within these limitations. But before you try out different strategies for growth, it is best to work with an addiction treatment marketing specialist who can properly handle the sensitive issues involved in the industry while strictly adhering to the necessary laws and guidelines that have been put in place.

Do’s When Growing Your Rehab Facility

Addiction treatment is a $35 billion dollar industry in the US. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, more than 20 million Americans have issues with substance abuse. But only about 10% actually receive treatment. This shows that the demand is still very high despite the stiff competition. And you just need to find a way to valve into it.

One of the keys to properly promoting your services in this industry is to put the spotlight on your medical team. You need to assure your prospective patients and their families that the facility is managed by licensed, experienced, and very capable personnel. In short, you need to tell them that you know what you are doing. And you have all the essential certificates to prove it.

Whenever possible, showcase the medical licensure and certifications of all the staff who are involved in patient care. Memberships in relevant associations such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine would also help boost your reputation. And should mention it on your profile. These details can be cascaded to potential patients through a digital marketing campaign with the help of an experienced specialist.

Aside from proving your capability and trustworthiness. It is also important to offer personalized services because each patient has a different need and experience. The availability of individualized care would show that the facility treats each patient as a unique person and not just a case that must solve.

This means that there should be no fixed treatment time that standardize for all patients. The duration and type of treatment would depend on each person’s condition as well as the speed of their improvement. Thus, only their attending physician would be able to determine their actual treatment program. Individualized care also means that you should be able to offer treatment for co-existing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Or for physical disorders like Hepatitis C and HIV.

Lastly, consider that patients and their families do not have the same financial capabilities. While some can afford the full program in one go, others may have difficulties in doing so. While it may be more administratively challenging for you, find ways to make medical insurance options available for your treatment services.  This would give you another edge over other facilities that require only direct payment when accepting patients.

Don’ts When Growing Your Rehab Facility

On the flip side, some practices are frowned upon and would only drive away your potential patients. As you grow your rehab facility, it is best to avoid these questionable practices and focus instead on building and protecting a positive reputation in the industry.

A big no when it comes to rehab facilities is promoting treatment options that not properly support by scientific data. According to the Affordable Care Act, addiction considers a valid medical condition, and as such, should properly handle through a medically approved treatment plan.

Transparency is also crucial in gaining your patients’ trust. If a rehab center does not fully disclose the details of its treatment program. The location of their facilities, the licenses of their medical staff, and other relevant information. It would be difficult to gain the confidence of patients and their families.

Finally, be cautious when sharing your success stories. Overconfidence may work against you as most patients are now aware that recovery from addiction is a long process and is often recurring. Thus, guarantees of success would only sound like empty promises without substance.

Detox and rehab action centre marketing is a competitive space. But it’s a rewarding one. When you help a treatment centre grow, you’re helping them to help more people. That’s the very definition of “win-win,” and what marketing is really all about.