If you’re used to working and supplying on a reasonably small scale, the idea of working with supermarkets might initially seem like an intimidating one. However, if you’re looking to make considerable sales growth with your product, now may be the time to consider pitching to supermarkets to stock your brand and here’s why:

Did you know that only 10% of consumers stick to their original shopping list when shopping in person in supermarkets? Supermarkets are uniquely placed in the breadth and scope of items on sale. Unlike smaller shops that tend to specialise in certain product areas, supermarkets, with their countless items, constant streams of special offers and new products guarantee a large proportion of unintentional footfall past your product on the way to their target items with specifically designed routes that manipulate foot traffic through their stores. This is the ideal opportunity to get people noticing your brand and considering a purchase, with your product potentially being literally in their face as they scan the shelves. This is your opportunity to capitalise on your product being the best buy they never knew they needed.

Almost 90% of all grocery shopping is done in supermarkets, meaning that if your product is on their shelves, it is now available to almost 90% of grocery shoppers and this only increases when you take into account online customers too. The reach of supermarkets is so large that awareness of your brand could skyrocket, with your product being available nationally as a matter of course, rather than you having to contact individual suppliers who may only operate on a local level. You’ll be able to take advantage of a retail network that operates on a massive scale and, as an added bonus, one that will hold your stock, reducing your own storage requirements. You also wouldn’t need sales teams working across different territories, as you’d be working centrally with the supermarket. This could be your chance to become a household name with a lot of the marketing legwork taken out.

Supermarkets know what does and doesn’t sell. You may be able to harness their expertise, as well as taking advantage of supermarket advertising to help increase sales. Remember, they have years of customer insights and will have a wealth of advice and guidance that you could explore. Supermarkets can also use their vast range to your advantage, by pairing one complimentary brand with another or creating end cap displays that feature your brand. They’ll also be able to give you expert advice on what packaging appeals to shoppers and offer guidance if your product could benefit from a design overhaul.

Another bonus is that, with the backing of a supermarket, your business will immediately seem more attractive to future prospective investors. You’ll have regular orders of considerable numbers, and proof of consumer demand which in turn will instil confidence in your brand. If you’re looking to expand further in the future, the demonstrable success of your product on such a scale will instil further confidence in banks or lenders.

So if you’re looking to expand but don’t know what your next step should be, there really are countless reasons why selling in supermarkets could be a brilliant move for both your product and brand in general.