Brighton, the iconic seaside city in England, is known for its pebbly beach that buzzes with life in all seasons. But the city has also emerged as one of the country’s most successful digital technology clusters like web development services, presenting over 12,000 digital jobs.

Hosting popular tech fests like the Brighton Digital Festival are a testament to its growing digital economy. When combined with that of Hove’s, it is worth over £1 billion per annum.

If you wish to make the best out of Brighton’s booming tech sector, your business will need a sophisticated website that connects your audience to your core values and offerings. It is best to engage a top marketing agency in Brighton and have a well-thought site designed for your firm.

Here’s what you should know about these web development services that can help you bolster your online presence and make an excellent impression on your clients:

Building an SEO-optimised Website

According to a recent Brighton SEO study, the #1 organic spot in Google receives about 30% of that traffic. If you wish to overtake your competitors online, you can enrol SEO experts from top marketing agencies to optimise your website.

They diligently deal with search engine competitor targeting, identifying weaknesses and opportunities to increase traffic on your site, ensuring you rank high on the search engine. They focus on making your business rank for the correct keywords and across multiple keywords relevant to your offerings, thus acquiring more traffic.

Developing a Mobile-optimized Website

Over 50% of all Google searches and web browsing in Brighton gets executed via a mobile device. If your website is mobile-friendly, your customers will enjoy a superior user experience, leading to your firm achieving a higher ranking on search engines.

When you hire a digital marketing expert, they will apply local SEO elements for implementing a successful mobile strategy. It ensures users receive relevant information on the go, with search engines prioritizing your mobile-friendly website over your competitors.

Sales Optimization Services

Brighton is home to top arts start-ups, such as Daisie, a collaborative platform for artists with 100,000 members, which is an accomplishment. Your website should have a high conversion rate to achieve such targets and thus make significant revenue. The best way is to hire a marketing expert who can develop a product that optimizes your website’s sales process. They work on data-driven analysis and steer the overall marketing strategy accordingly.

Working on WordPress Websites

As WordPress powers about 30% of all websites, Brighton hosts monthly meetups for like-minded enthusiasts dealing with this CMS. If you own a WordPress based website, you can use the expertise of reputed digital marketing agencies in Brighton.

Since the CMS is a highly versatile and optimizable platform, the professionals perform prolific SEO improvements that are sure to increase traffic on your site. Meanwhile, you can continue using the wide range of sophisticated solutions WordPress offers, giving your website an upscale look and feel.

Shopify Development Services

Shopify is one of Brighton’s trusted eCommerce platforms, like in the rest of the country, where there are about 60,000 Shopify-based websites. When you wish to develop your website on this eCommerce platform, you can enroll a professional. They provide you with solutions, ensuring your portal is mobile-optimized to benefit from a robust social selling integration.

Handling Functional and Aesthetic Aspects of a Website

Brighton start-ups are thriving, and the city is an increasingly attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to escape London. With start-ups in healthcare, education, arts, lifestyle to B2B, Brighton presents the best support through thoughtful programs like Beepurple and Catch the Wave.

Whether it’s a website for AR-based applications or sustainable activewear for women, it should be completely functional while maintaining a positive user experience. When you hire a marketing agency in Brighton, you can achieve a finished website, complimenting your brand guidelines, focussing heavily on the customer journey.

Managing Maintenance Services

Brighton businesses find WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, and Magento as the best professionally designed CMS systems. Start-ups find WooCommerce beneficial. On the other hand, large online shops consider Magento a better choice.

An adept consultant offers maintenance services that keep your website functional, secure, and ranking well with search engines, be it developed on any CMS platform. Some agencies also present top-class hosting services designed for speed and security.

Final Thoughts

As per a 2019 report, the area covering Brighton and Hove had tech start-ups making up 15% of new businesses. With a digital enterprise turnover up by 31%, the city by the seaside has become the UK’s Start-up Capital.

To be a step ahead of your peers, consult an experienced digital marketing agency for developing a state-of-the-art website for your organization. Rest assured, your customer base would be highly impressed, compelling them to go with your offerings, bolstering your ROI.