Seven Superb Upgrades to Enhance the Value of Rental Property


Are you a risk-taker? Some people have an entire business where they invest in real estate and enjoy hefty returns by renting it out at a high rate. The rental property business is a lucrative one. As companies will always require a place to situate their offices, and the business owners will need big warehouses to run their manufacturing plants and store products.

Here we are bringing you seven superb upgrades to enhance the value of  your rental property_

It’s not as easy as it sounds because investing in real estate costs a fortune. As a result, all investors are in a hurry to maximize their returns. Therefore, they are shifting their investment from renting housing to commercial properties as it offers high returns.

Alongside waiting for the rental prices to increase at your Los Altos apartments for rent, there some tangible and immediate things you can do as a landlord to enjoy higher rentals. Unlike improvements in residential property, in commercial properties, you have to maintain a balance. You have to invest enough to attract top-notch tenants without spending on the wrong things.

Here we are bringing you seven superb upgrades to enhance the value of  your rental property:

1.    Increase Storage

First things first, commercial properties need acres of space as they have a plethora of documents to store. Thus, storage is one of the top priorities of renters, and as a landlord, you can make your property shine by increasing the storage options. It could either be in the form of compact furniture or smart storage solutions. For instance, you can insert hooks to critical areas – entryway and bathrooms. Or install organizers on the desks and some additional shelving. Likewise, you can also create built-in shelves or in-wall storage.

2.    Install Backup Generators

Every entrepreneur wants to ensure maximum productivity levels. Hence, when renting an office space, they will be looking for a place free from disruptions, especially power outages. Although you can’t control the power supply, you can always make up for it by upgrading the space with backup generators. You can easily find multiple options at to select the most suitable generator for your rental property. It could work as a fantastic selling point for tenants, ensuring a smooth workflow without interruptions.

3.    Miscellaneous Upgrades

Believe it or not, but there are all kinds of unique and smart upgrades landlords can do for rental upgrades. However, the aim is to invest in something which holds value in the eyes of the tenant. You can invest in tankless water heaters or exclusive HVAC systems, improving the atmosphere and air quality. Similarly, surround the place by sound systems, allowing managers to make announcements around the office in one go and upgrade toilet partitions and restrooms in general to make visitors feel more comfortable. In short, focus on getting the essential items that offices and organizations might need the most.

4.    Fast Internet

In this tech-savvy world, surviving with a slow internet seems like a nightmare, and unsurprisingly, fast internet has become a necessity now. Providing community Wi-Fi can offer much value to your property. Most importantly, businesses are switching to automation. Nowadays, everything happens on cloud servers, increasing the need for high-speed internet. Hence, it could be a win-win situation for you, allowing you to bag high rentals while increasing the property value. Moreover, if you are remodeling the interior, consider upgrading the plugs with USB sockets to accommodate more devices.

5.    Increase Parking Space And Security

Usually, giant corporations work with confidential where they get hundreds of security threats every day. As a result, the need for security systems is inevitable in commercial rental properties. Think of investing in alarm systems, biometric verifications, new shutters, and gates, making the property appealing to tenants. Alongside this, you have to ensure the property has enough parking space because you will need a vast area to accommodate hundreds of employees.

6.    Upgrade Windows

Reliant on the age of the property, you might want to consider upgrading your windows. Not only bigger windows will keep the property bright, but it is an incredible way of opening up the existing space. Moreover, with better quality window furnishings, you can have a much more lighted space with plenty of natural light coming into the area. Yet energy-efficient windows keep the electric bill low.

7.    Rooftops

Sometimes, people tend to ignore outdoor spaces when it comes to renting commercial properties. If you wish to gain a competitive edge, you have to work a little differently. Create affordable rooftop options like a sustainable garden, allowing employees to take a break and unwind while breathing fresh air. You can also create a small smoking areaSimilarly on the rooftop and a cafeteria on the other side. After all, indoor cafeterias can be quite smelly.


Landlords invest highly in upgrades, but not all updates promise to increase the property value. Therefore, you have to look for valuable upgrades that can enhance the value of your property. Start thinking from the perspective of a tenant. What would you be looking for when renting a commercial property? Your answers will help you make the relevant upgrades. Hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you can make the most suitable upgrades to enjoy higher rental returns.