How You Could Use Your Firm’s Security as a Selling Point in Your Marketing

When we think about device security we tend to think about our security as an employee and as a business. It can often be written off as something which doesn’t bring in any financial return or show any visible improvement. However, your firm’s security could well be a big selling point to your customers. After all, who would trust a company who won’t look after their data? Every company must adhere to data protection principles from the GDPR, but to go above and beyond could set you apart from the competition.

Here are a few ways you could use your company’s security as a selling point.

It’s a foundation for trust

For a consumer to choose your service, the relationship must be based on trust, much like a romantic partnership. In fact, bad online reputation and word of mouth can cause customers to lose faith in a business. All it takes one bad review to bring your average star rating and people might lose faith.
Therefore, it is important to show that you care about their trust, and that you want them to have faith in you. To do this, you can use cybersecurity as an example of how you go above and beyond to protect them.

Use a reputable security company

By using a reputable security company for your cloud-based security solution, it allows consumers to check out the security company themselves and be reassured that they are in safe hands. A reputable company is obviously going to deliver you a better service too.
Choosing a reputable company such as Wandera guarantees multi-level cloud and endpoint security. This protects your users, devices and network against all vulnerabilities in real time. Its advances threat intelligence engine can be installed immediately on managed and BYOD. Allowing the consumer to know that remote working over the pandemic has not affected the security of their data.

Prove that their transactions are safe

As well as customer data, you can reassure potential customers that any financial transactions they make with you will be safe. We have all been there when a charge appears on your statement that you don’t recognize and your heart just sinks. Cyber fraud can be a devastating blow to your customers bank accounts and to your reputation.

Customers won’t necessarily be aware of what cyber threats are out there and may very well look to you as the expert on the topic. It can therefore be helpful to be able to prove just how safe their data and transactions are with you.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more predominant and increasingly clever. There is a high possibility that at some point in your life you will get hacked, whether it’s you as an individual or your business. It is no surprise then, that a lot of consumers will be very wary about starting a new relationship with a brand they don’t know. In this case, your business’s security can be an excellent way to prove to your customers just how far you will go to keep their data and financial records safe.


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